Thursday, August 01, 2013

Live Updates - Day 67

18:20 - Elikem tells Bimp that it's not about what the Housemates feel about you but how Africa feels.

18:00 - "I'll be honest with you, I've been mad at you this week because of what you did on the weekend,"Bimp tells Elikem.

17:15 - Bimp tells Elikem that he thinks he Swapped him and put him up for possible Eviction this week.

16:20 - HoH Elikem reads out the Presentation brief from Big Brother. They have been cautioned to adhere to the time given and polish up their transitions for the show.

16:00 - Cleo Clementine and Pikinini Pikinini rehearse their hilarious weather report.

15:00 - The Chasemates are back on set for their Lipton Tea advert.

13:45 - Oneal insists that he never sucks up to the HoH.

13:20 - Feza says she thinks Oneal would like her to take it slow but she's already planning their future.

12:50 - Diary sessions commence with Dillish. She notes that Oneza have been going out their way to mix with everyone else.

12:00 - Oneal and Feza take a break from the Task preparations to prepare a scrumptious breakfast.

11:20 - Task: It's time to create a TV advert for tonight's TV Show using Lipton Tea as the main brand.

10:55 - "I'm sick, my boobs hurt," Dillish tells Melvin as she tucks herself in bed.

10:32 - Dillish and Melvin play 'fight fight' and roll all over each other on the bed. Mhmmm!

10:20 - "I don't eat cookies cause I already have one," Dillish tells Melvin and Angelo in jest.

10:00 - The Oneza's wake up to do their laundry this morning.


  1. Dillish, its better u just say exactly what u mean. Don't u mean to say, "Melvin, am sick and tired of playing hide and seek, my boobs is hiching for ur touch" just say it we will understand what u feel for him.

    1. Lol..but Melvin shld understand her from that saying. I love those two.

  2. Mmmmmmm. Dellish is sooooo into melvin. So is melvin though. #Teammelvinanddellish#

  3. Hmmmm dellish loves melvin,obviously.but i love both of them sha

  4. Sandra Ale Sunny-JoeAug 1, 2013, 12:26:00 PM

    Dey shud jux allow it flow gradually.

  5. Dellish is just sick. shez so into Melvin so why flirt with him? love the guy dont flirt with him go straight to the point or u will end up looking like a toy girl.

  6. By d time dy leave d house and maria re-start her interest in melvin, dillish eye will clear. Abegi, y is she enticin him wit boobs? Does she think we don't hv babes wit bigger n sweeter boobs in 9ja? I tire 4d girl o. Mk she go striaght to d point: melvin, I don tire mk we do. Simple!

  7. can't wait for sunday to see the oneza out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Melvin and Dillish look so good together. Enjoyed their time together this morning.

  9. You wish, keep watching the space.......

  10. Am in full support of u two, wat a wonderful match!

  11. Melvin we dey you back both of u will be a good couple,pls u two must get marry o