Friday, August 02, 2013

Live Updates - Day 68

17:00 - The Housemates talk about the Finale and what they look forward to the most.

16:30 - Oneal confides in Angelo about how he feels and Angelo advises him to take it easy.

16:00 - Feza seems to be confused by what Oneal is trying to tell her about herself.

15:45 - Chilling in the bedroom, the Chasemates enjoy making funny faces, telling fairy-tales and jokes. "Why did the one bum cheek say to the other bum cheek?" Angelo asks.

14:45 - The white team of Melvin, Bimp, Cleo and Beverly, wins the Airtel Arena Showdown and HoH Elikem joins the winning team.

14:40 - Race one: Angelo vs Melvin
Race two: Oneal vs Bimp
Race three: Feza vs Cleo - Feza tumbles off the little scooter while Cleo moves on to the egg race.
Race four: Dillish and Beverly. Dillish drops two eggs while Beverly races on.

14:30 - The Chasemates arrive in the Arena and start doing their usual shutouts to Africa. Elikem decides to sit out the games.

14:00 - The Top 9 waits in the garden to be ushered to the Airtel Arena. There's chatting, singing and laughing.

13:15 - The Chasemates have to compete in four classic field games at the Airtel Arena; Sack race, egg race, scooter race and the tyre roll. Melvin shouts "Inter-house games."

13:00 - HoH Elikem reads out the Airtel Arena challenge. There will be two teams of four, which means one of them has to sit this one out but will join the winning team after the competition.

12:45 - Dillish is excited about her prospect of invading the movie industry and holds Elikem to it.

12:20 - Dillish prepares a Namibian dish and schools Melvin on its origin and how its best served.

2:10 - Bimp and Beverly sit outside discussing the looming Evictions. Bimp says he is really worried about Sunday.

11:20 - Beverly is the new Hoh for next week after throwing her velcro ball closest to the target.

11:00 - The Head of House Challenge is in motion and the Chasemates are struggling to pin the velcro ball on the target.

10:30 - Pebbles, Googly eye and Toby were the names that the Chasemates gave the fish.

10:15 - The Chasemates gather around the fish tank and brainstorm suitable names for the fish.

10:00 - Cleo is pleasantly surprised when the fish asks her for a favour. She must gather her Housemates to give the fish a name.


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  2. Beverly wins HOH that means she is already in the final

  3. I saw dat coming. Kudos to u girl.

  4. Go beverly! Go beverly!! Wow am so happy for u girl. I want angelo and melvin up for eviction nxt week, let's see who she will save. Wanna see drama

  5. Go and wacth drama in ur village not my melvin drama. Otum

  6. Abeg ooo, am happy Bev is hoh but I don't want any drama. Melvin should not even b nominated in d first not to talk of who she will save. Can't trust her on DAT one.

  7. Feza & Oneal r not playing de game dey rather go this Sunday pls Bigy


  9. Oneal&feza r boring dey alwayz under de blanket 4geting why r in de BigBrada house.

  10. U are a fool for telling me to go watch drama in my village. What is bad in what I said.

  11. Imagin MELVIN being nominated also ANGELO and any other who will she save.her country mate or boy friend. Hmmmm

  12. im pretty sure she will b up for eviction along wiz Angello n Melvin drama n mo drama jst cant wait

  13. Happy for Bev it means Angelo is still safe