Saturday, August 03, 2013

Live Updates - Day 69

19:00 - The Housemates have all gathered in the living room to enjoy an appetising dinner courtesy of Dillish.

18:20 - "The person that I swapped is in this room somewhere," Elikem teased at his fellow Housemates.

18:00 - Dillish has spent the better part of the early evening, slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen.

17:30 - "I won't lie Biggie that was so fun," Elikem declared at the end of his Rendezvous session with Melvin.

17:00 - Ruby lovebirds, Beverly and Angelo enjoyed a little one on one time in the jacuzzi.

16:30 - Elikem and Melvin spent the afternoon having a little quality bro time and playing video games in the Rendezvous Room.

15:16 - The Chasemates entertain themselves by playing drums n the garden.

14:40 - The Oneza's dry hump in the bedroom and exclaim "We're practicing for Babylon". Must be nice!

14:12 - The Oneza's head upstairs and play on the bed. Oneal picks his love up and throws her on the bed. She seems to like it very much.

13:15 - The Airtel Show starts in earnest. The Housemates reintroduce themselves to Africa and to each other.

12:30 - The Housemates settle in for their Airtel picnic. They eat cake, sandwiches, crisps and cool drink. Yum!

11:30 - Elikem, Dillish and Angelo dance up a storm in front of the lounge mirrors.

11:15 - Feza says "If I don't go home this Sunday,it will be a miracle."

10:45 - Beverly and Angelo kiss each other good morning, while Dillish does the dishes and Feza does laundry.

10:00 - Everyone sleeps in after retiring to bed late.


  1. Angelo till 91day I fill sorry to the haters

  2. Feza repent and confess to fellow HMs before,praying for miracle.