Sunday, August 04, 2013

Live Updates - Day 70

19:00 - It's showtime Africa. The Chasemates are never ready for the Eviction show.

18:15 - Oneal and Feza sit in bed thinking about who between the two of them is leaving tonight. "It's better if you leave," they each keep telling each other punctuating with kisses.

17:50 - Elikem tells Big Brother about Bimp's interference and constant nagging about the Swap. He says it would be good if Bimp leaves the House but he's not sure of what turn their relationship will take should he survive Eviction tonight.

17:45 - "I'm very blunt and under normal circumstances, people are very uncomfortable about it," Oneal tells Big Brother. He adds that he is more nervous for Feza than himself pertaining to tonight's Evictions. Asked what he disliked in the House, Oneal says people are plastic in the House. "People perform too much".

17:30 - Feza says being in the House taught her the ability to lead people and to be patient. She says she actually didn't know she had it in her.

17:15 - Eviction Diary sessions start in the House.

16:25 - Melvin is helping Cleo with the veggies in the kitchen while she stirs away at her pot.

15:35 - Angelo and Beverly are trying to sleep but Elikem keeps tickling them so they get out of bed.

15:06 - Elikem tells his fellow Housemates about a man in his country that is very rich, owns cars and has a pool written Machiavelli on the inside.

14:35 - Melvin wanted to know how DJ Vision got hold of Cleo's music video and the Elikem explains that the YFM station knew that Cleo's video was out and had DJ Vision play it at the Channel O Party.

13:45 - Elikem explains to the gang how he gets through his week from Monday Nomations down to Sunday Evictions.

12:45 - Melvin goes upstairs to the room while elikem sweeps his hair of the floor.

12:05 - Angelo asks Beverly why she's drinking an energy drink when she said she wanted to sleep.

11:15 - Bimp asks Beverly to go and get him a cigarette and he explains to Elikem that a fag is a cancer stick.

10:35 - Oneal sang a song about going home while he had his haircut.

10:00 - It's Elikem's turn to get a fresh shave and he's taking it like a man.


  1. Of course oneal will be going home

  2. Definately oneal is goin hum bye babiii

  3. It seemms its one person that is going home which is Feza cos Nando was disqualified means 2 pers per week,let's watch and see,but Oneal will go next week.

  4. I will miss u a lot Feza bby. I'm gonna miss ur natural beauty