Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Live Updates - Day 72

18:55 - A lack of food is not keeping the Housemates from sharing a laugh with one another. They have spent the evening sharing jokes.

18:05 - "I am tired of having boyfriend," said Beverly to her fellow Housemates. According to the Nigerian she wants to tie the knot next year. It looks like Angelo better put a ring on it!

17:55 - Charity never sleeps! Straight after completing their recycled material sculptures, the Housemates are now hard at work on a Public Service Announcement for the African Union.

17:30 - After all that hard work, the Chasemates have completed their sculpture made of recycled material and are proudly displaying it in the garden.

17:15 - One man's trash is another man's treasure, this is something that the Housemates are quickly getting to learn. The bio fuel sculptures that they have been working on as part of their Task for ONE Campaign Week are slowly but surely starting to take form.

16:40 - The Housemates eventually awake and gather together to work on the Task in the garden.

16:24 - Angelo has taken Biggie's words to heart, and decides not to go back to sleep but rather, get busy with the junk in the garden.

15:53 - In His Diary Session, Big Brother asks Angelo about the way the Housemates are sleeping during the day. He reminds Angelo that this might affect their Wager. Oops...

15:50 - Angelo thinks that people should look at this Task and challenge as something that is selfless and an opportunity to carry a message through to Africa.

15:38 - Angelo is also woken from sleep to attend his Diary Session with Big Brother.

15:30 - Just as Feza doses into a deep sleep, Biggie calls for her in the Diary Room.

15:20 - Angelo and Beverly decide to sleep the hunger pangs away.

15:00 - Cleo says that she was surprised about being Nominated. "I'd like to believe that I'm a nice person. I'd really like to know the reasons why I keep getting nominated."

14:40 - Africa thinks Bimp is bluffing.

@DulcetChic31 - #BBATheChase bimp stop with the lies ...u know Beverly saved you !!

14:29 - When Biggie asks Bimp what he thinks happened in yesterday's Save and Replace, he says that he can't speculate because he doesn't want to be disappointed. We speculated the result of last night's Save and Replace and it turned out exactly that way.

14:25 - Bimp says that African countries should put a lot of effort into solar power and other such energy saving methods. "It would help so much. We need to focus endeavours to ensure that people can get this energy easily and affordably."

14:15 - "Yeah, it has affected me very much." Beverly answers when speaking about energy and power shortages in Africa. It seems that a few Africans agree with Beverly.

14:00 - Beverly is the first Housemate called to the Diary Room today.

13:20 - Bimp tells Beverly how he grew up in a well off family, but lost everything at some point and knows what it feels like to go without.

12:56 - The Housemates kick off a conversation about energy efficient vehicles. "They are expensive," Elikem says.

12:15 - The Housemates run through what they think constitutes a fruit. "Chicken is a fruit," Feza says in jest.

11:30 - The Housemates will go without food and electricity today. They get to work in the garden, sorting out material to be used as bio fuel.

11:00 - The Chasemates get busy trying to come up with a workable PSA for Presentation tonight.

10:40 - The Chasemates decide to Wager 100 percent for this weeks Task! How confident are they?

10:36 - Melvin reads out the Task Brief on Head of House Beverly's behalf. The Housemates deliberate on their Wager for this week.

10:00 - The Housemates shower and don their ONE Campaign t-shirts, in preparation for a long day ahead.

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  1. Cleo r you kidding? This is a game so stop telling biggie you wanna knw the reason... Who r u not to be nominated? Bitch