Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Live Updates - Day 73

19:00 - Dillish wraps Elikem's signature yellow tape measure around her neck as they dance in the lounge.

18:20 - Angelo and Beverly take to the Jacuzzi to cool off after the lengthy draining chat about abuse.

18:00 - Who is to blame for abuse in a relationship? Is it the abuser or the abused? The Chasemates debate.

17:40 - Bimp says if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. Melvin says he can accept that a guy can beat a woman once but the second time should never be accepted. "I blame you women," he says.

17:25 - Cleo reminds the Chasemates that August is women's month. "We've gone through so much oppression and I want people to know that whatever you're going through is not the end of your life, you can still pick yourself up."

17:15 - Beverly shares the ordeal she suffered in the hands of her lover.

17:00 - She says he would beat her up and even smuggled her out of hospital after he had physically abused her. "My face was bleeding, not just bruised but bleeding."

16:50 - Cleo says at some point her abusive boyfriend was arrested and it was after he was released that she thought he had changed.

16:45 - Cleo still can't believe she finally broke her abusive romantic relationship with her baby daddy.

16:40 - Cleo says her pregnancy was planned and she wanted to get married before then but things with her man changed. She became depressed and turned to her Bible for guidance.

16:30 - Feza says her mom only found out about her baby when he was three months old.

16:00 - Feza and Cleo share their pregnancy stories. Feza says her baby was overdue and Cleo laments about mean medical personnel in her country.

15:00 - Angelo says he has been affected by friends and colleagues that have died from AIDS without telling him they were living with the disease.

14:40 - Elikem calls for the African Union to double up it's efforts in its bid to eradicate extreme poverty in Africa.

14:20 - Diary sessions start with Cleo who says she's determined to do work around HIV and AIDS.

14:00 - Angelo says the quality of free male condoms is not up to scratch. "I want to look forward to wearing that condom."

13:50 - The Chasemates make pledges on how they will contribute in the fight against HIV and AIDS and what they have done before:

- Dillish is already involved in an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Namibia and also says that it is not easy. She says they visit schools and highlights the transactional sex and multiple concurrent partners as key drivers for HIV infection.

- Beverly highlights the rise in backstreet abortion in her country. She calls for practical solutions to HIV?AIDS.

- Angelo says people are very irresponsible at parties so he calls for visible Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials in these places.

- Feza has a family member that has been living with HIV for eight years and she and her sister visit different schools in Tanzania to educate young people on the seriousness of the disease. She says it wasn't easy but has been effective.

- Melvin will set up a foundation as soon as he leaves the House. "This is not by chance but for us to take action.

- Elikem is determined to gather his biker friends and ride around Ghana educating people on the scourge

- Cleo says her voice and her singing talent is what she can use to spread the message.

13:00 - Lunch is served in the House and the Chasemates sit together at table to enjoy their meal.

12:30 - The Top 8 reads out their declaration to the African Union after completing their AIDS ribbon mosaic.

11:40 - The Chasemates sail through the challenge and adorn their wall with a red condom AIDS awareness ribbon mosaic.

11:05 - At the sound of the buzzer, the Housemates rush to the garden to be confronted by two large containers filled with male condoms to use in designing a red ribbon.

10:50 - In today's Task, the Chasemates are to discuss issues pertaining to safe sex and the fight against AIDS.

10:35 - Feza sings a song in her language in a loud voice while she was cooking the chicken on the stove.

10:05 - Elikem advises Dillish to get a bath after 6pm when they water is hot. Feza asks him why he's advising Dillish not to wash.


  1. Fezza you look nice with that Tshirt
    I like you and am gonna vote for you til you are out

  2. Beverly and Angelo practise what u preach.good one housemates.

  3. beverly naija are behind u and melvin also so keep it up