Friday, August 09, 2013

Live Updates - Day 75

18:00 - The Chasemates take a well-deserved nap while Angelo prepares dinner alone in the kitchen.

17:15 - Angelo jumps into the bath after playing in the rain with his lady.

16:40 - The Housemates run outside to see the rainbow and are pleasantly surprised to be showered by rain.

16:00 - The Masterchefs take onto Big Brother Idols as they belt it out in he garden.

15:40 - "LK4 was hitting on me but I told him to pause," Beverly says.

15:30 - Beverly and Feza fill Angelo in on the things Annabel said when they were in the Diamond House.

15:00 - Big Brother congratulates Housemates on a job well done on their meal and on the Charity Week in general. A treat awaits them tomorrow night.

14:00 - The Knorr Cook Off is in full motion, Beverly gives her man instructions on how to make a tasty Knorr stew.

13:15 - The Chasemates prepare a wholesome Knorr meal in the garden to serve needy people. They all have their Knorr aprons on.

12:50 – Beverly reads out the Airtel Task Brief for the day. “Today’s Airtel Arena Games will take place in the garden,” she reads.

12:45 – Angelo teaches Beverly how to say shut up in Afrikaans.

12:15 – Elikem, Angelo and Beverly discuss winning HoH Tasks. “Do you know how excite your family back home is when you win,” asks Elikem. Angelo says he wishes he would have won and HoH Task. “But maybe God knows that you do not have the heart,” says Beverly.

12:00 – Elikem wins the HoH Task.

11:40 - Elikem announces to the rest of the Housemates that he is using his Power of No on Bimp because "there is a possibility I will be swapped if I don't". "That was a good decision, I would have swapped you," Bimp says as he gives Elikem a hug.

11:25 – “When my name is mentioned on Sunday, I want you to clap and make noise,” says Feza.

11:00 – Bimp and Angelo speak about condoms and the different packages they come in.

10:40 – Feza says she is terrified of what may happen to relationships when they get out of the House. Then they speak about Oneal and what he may be doing now.

10:25 – Feza says Nominations now are very difficult. “Sometimes I give such weak reasons that Biggie doesn't even ask again,” she says.

10:10 – The Housemates speak about the importance of winning the Head of House Task at this stage of the game. “I wasn’t important before but now, we all want it,” says Feza.

09:50 – The Housemates call on the African Union to act against extreme poverty. “As Africans, we will be watching,” says Angelo.

09:30 – Feza rehearses her song and message to the African Union for this week’s Africa ONE Campaign.

09:15 – Feza talks to Bimp about how much weight she has gained in the House. She says Beverly and Dillish both gained some weight but have been able to lose it too. “What kills me is that I don’t do the workouts in the morning,” she says.

09:00 – Elikem, Angelo, Bimp and Beverly speak about the street hustle you would find back home. “The guys who wrote The Lion King, were sleeping and hustling on the streets,” says Angelo. “That kind of hustle makes you,” Elikem responds.

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