Saturday, August 10, 2013

Live Updates - Day 76

17:00 -The Murder Mystery event starts. A cope enters the House and introduces every character. First up is escaped loony, Angie, who wants to confront Angela about her brothers whereabouts.

16:50 - The Housemates acquaint themselves with the Murder Mystery Event script.

16:10 - Beverly, Dillish and Cleo sign to the fish in the bathroom fish tank.

15:28 - Feza debate whether the bread should be put in the soup or put it on the side of the plate because people eat soup differently.

15:03 - Melvin reads the script for the Murder Mystery Event they will be doing tonight.

14:14 - Feza finally joins her fellow Housemates in the garden for a game of volleyball while she cooks in the kitchen.

13:55 - Feza is peeling potatoes in the kitchen as she prepares yet another full meal for her fellow Housemates.

13:22 - Housemates split into two teams for another game of volleyball.

12:55 - Housemates talk about the video messages from loved ones they watched earlier.

12:25 - Housemates start placing blankets on the floor in preparation for the Airtel picnic.

11:45 - Housemates are playing volleyball in the garden.

11:05 - Beverly chooses Dillish to go to the Rendezvous Room with her where they will have a complimentary full body massage.

10:45 - Housemates give shout outs to the families and friends that they've just seen on video.

10:19 - Cleo gets video messages from her mother, brother and her daughter. She is now so emotional and can't wait to see them at the finale.

10:00 - The Housemates are awake and some have started with their chores. Cleo is making her bed upstairs while Melvin cleans the bathroom mirror and Angelo is sweeping the floor.


  1. Naija-Clor-POCOBIA loves the Unity and love shared. One love Africa

  2. It is a shame some of this house mate don't realise this BBA is a life time opportunity where u impress viewrs with ur best behaviour in order to get better opportunities in life.I wish them all the best may the best person with gOod morals win.Love Africa.

  3. I will only vote for those whom I will see on my tv after the show not those who will just lay low and won't be on my screen.

  4. Please biggy this show has to be an example of what true africans represt.which is patience,honesty,love,good morals and not the one someone will make love on national tv on in the name of being really.

  5. Pls if this show is rated 18 are encouraging our young african girls and boys to have sex on national tv or what,pls biggy tell the next year house mate,to learn to hold themselves interms of sex,alcohol,smoking and potray good morals to younger generations.

  6. Yes o! agreed jara

  7. Feza you have my vote girl

  8. Missing natasha and sulu now iam sure ellikem will win the moola

  9. Missing natasha and sulu now iam sure ellikem will win the moola

  10. melvin naija and africa are behind u keep it up we are proud of u winner is ur name from now from francy