Sunday, August 11, 2013

Live Updates - Day 77

20:21 - Feza is Evicted from the House.

20:00 - The eviction show starts. We could be saying goodbye to Cleo from Zambia, Feza from Tanzania, or Namibian Housemate Dillish.

16:20 - Elikem explains to the Housemates how they used to play cards back home.

15:29 - The boys go outside and play a game of soccer together.

14:18 - Beverly fits on a black and white dress and admires her figure in the mirror.

13:25 - The Housemates start choosing the list of groceries for the coming week.

13:00 - The Housemates decided on a nap while Beverly thought packing her bags would be a more appealing exercise.

12:33 - Feza says if she has a baby girl she's in trouble because she wouldn't be able to dress her hair.

12:08 - It's Dillish turn to help Beverly straighten up her hair for tonight.

11:33 - Bimp told Feza to take the name 'Helena' and give it to her next child.

11:03 - Feza asks Angelo whether she shocked him with her haircut? Angelo says he was shocked that she had her haircut but will still wear a wig over her head.

10:27 - Elikem dances as he watches the Nominees get their hair done, thanking his luck stars that he is not Nominated this week.

10:00 - The Nominees are seated and ready for their new hair do's for tonight's Eviction show. The Hairdressers are busy putting together their tools before they get started.


  1. BIggie uve managed to evict all EAfrcans yo show is bogus n sucks

  2. Next tym include rwanda n DRC

  3. Dnt think bb cn risk other housemates's life by including doz countries.dey r addicted 2 war so they nid some intergration b 4 entering bb house.dats jst ma opinion nothng personal against dis 2 countries