Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Live Updates - Day 79

18:20 - The Housemates put the finishing touches on the Airtel jingle. Angelo's very happy with Melvin's performance. "Perfect," he says!

18:00 - Dillish thinks Elikem Saved her during his Swap last night.

15:37 - Dillish and Elikem sing a Christmas carol about Big Brother Africa season 8.

14:54 - The Housemates get started with designing their t-shirts as part of this week's Task.

14:31 - The Housemates sing the Airtel song they wrote earlier.

13:42 - Melvin tells Biggie that he's hopeful that he hasn't been swapped for Eviction but all will be revealed on Sunday.

13:19 - Elikem tells Biggie that being Head of House is 'fantabulous' this week especially because of the creative Task they are busy with.

12:50 - Elikem goes over the lyrics on the board with his fellow Housemates.

11:35 - Elikem reads the follow up brief and tells his fellow Housemates to get started with it in the garden.

10:50 - Angelo tries to sleep but wakes up again and goes to the kitchen and then rests on the couch.

10:17 - Dillish tells the boys that US rapper Ludacris is her friend from Namibia.

10:00 - Cleo is busy making everyone's beds upstairs while the Dillish and the boys are making breakfast downstairs


  1. Dilish by now you should be ready to move down to your country.

  2. We don't care if Obama is your friend from Kenya all we want is for you to leave the house for the true people to play the game and not deceitfull person like you. Gooooooooo dilish.

    1. Heheheheheeeeeeee Obama from kenya!

  3. Lol Dillish also wants votes frm US

  4. the 300 000 has a namibian flag on it,this is our time to glow.

  5. I don't know why it took Africa over 70 days to realise that charm is decitful and beauty fades. However hands up to her for keeping her integrity

  6. Ja that gal, played us. Nando saw through her a long time ago, he kept saying Dillish is a tease. Hope she doesnt win.

  7. Ja that gal, played us. Nando saw through her a long time ago, he kept saying Dillish is a tease. Hope she doesnt win.

  8. Elikem HoH again???*

  9. well Dellish should not be blamed for not having ant thing in the house we love her the way she is period and if its her faint she will go into top 5...

  10. God u alwayz answer me since dis bba8.Plz send delish home. Am not even sure dats her real name.trust me

  11. Dilishi kip dreaming and luking for votes, u so going hme cme sunday wit Angelo or Bimp..... Ur beauty has faded and we can nw see d real u... Am happy Melvin isn't feeling u anymore and Elikem will only use and dump u... #Team Melvin n Bev#