Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Live Updates - Day 80

19:00 - The Chasemates decide to practice their dance routine in preparation or Thursday's Task Presentation.

18:35 - There's a lot of laughter and giggling in the House as Melvin and Dillish engage in their usual ticklish games.

18:00 - After tallying the cooking contest results, Angelo emerges as the winner.

17:25 - It's Cleo's turn to taste the dishes. She does it like a professional, "this is Masterchef now," Beverly comments.

17:10 - Dillish personally hands her food to HoH Elikem for tasting. Angelo serves Cheese and mushroom sauce with "Pasta Lavista". Melvin serves his "Melvinicious Pastalicious" in Italian.

17:00 - The food is served, whose meal will win the hearts of the Chasemates? Cleo says her dish is "Pasta-ala-Mulenga."

16:30 - The Chasemates start plating their meals in small bowls and serving dishes.

15:50 - The Chasemates put final touches to their meals.

15:20 - Bimp tells Biggie that he enjoys Beverly's company in the House.

14:25 - Elikem says he enjoys Cleo, Melvin and Dillish's company at this point of the game.

14:10 - Dillish and Big Brother wish Dillish's mother Pashu a happy birthday at the end of her Diary session.

14:00 - Dillish says everyone cos well in the House but Elikem is the best cook. She says her favourite food is pap and tripe.

13:40 - Diary sessions start with Melvin in the House who says everyone is anxious about Sunday.

13:10 - Beverly declares that she can't swim as the Housemates chat about holiday destinations. Meanwhile, Elikem works on perfecting his Honeywell meal.

12:45 - The Chasemates talk about how brave some people are and the way Black people love running and dancing.

12:20 – Housemates shares stories of the mishaps they have had travelling by plane.

12:00 – The Housemates joke about what they will be taking home with them from Biggie’s House. “I call dibs on the chicken breasts,” says Dillish. “I’ll take the TV,” says Bimp laughing.

11:30 – The Housemates wish Dillish’s mother a very happy birthday.

11:15 – Angelo, Elikem and Beverly are in the kitchen getting their Italian dishes ready.

11:00 – Angelo is happy with what he has decided to cook but now needs cream. “There is no cream, how do you make your own cream?” he asks.

10:40 – “Today is Italian Day in the House,” Elikem reads. Housemates will have to prepare an Italian late lunch as today’s Task.

10:35 – Elikem calls the Housemates down for their latest Task Brief.

10:25 – Angelo boils water for a bath, while Melvin eats cereal for breakfast.

09:50 – Angelo sings about the peanut butter sandwich he has just made for breakfast.

09:30 – Angelo works alone in the lounge while the other Housemates get ready for their day.

09:00 – Elikem, Cleo and Beverly are in the bathroom getting ready for their 80th day in the House.

08:30 - The Housemates worked up a sweat in an intense fitness session, this morning.


  1. I have been voting for Angelo every hour. It feels nice, you can do the same. Team Oneil from Bots.

  2. Keagan Petersen made 'Big Brother Africa' history this year by becoming the first South African to win Africa's biggest reality TV show, walking away with 300 000 USD.

    However, most of his fans (South Africans especially) thought he was a bit too silent after the show.

    On Monday, November 19, 2012 Keagan decided to break the silence with a long post via his Facebook fan page:-

    He said "So one thing people fail to understand is... i went onto Big Brother because i wanted to experience something new, thats how i live my life, i did not ask anybody to vote for me, i did not expect anybody to vote for me, so why i am saying this is, i dont have to post pics like all the other bba people wanting publicity, im easy just the way i am, i enjoy life and dont have to bost about it or report to people every two seconds, and for the people saying they miss me in sa, you dont even see me, so what difference does it make if im on Facebook in sa, usa, qatar, makes no difference..this status is dedicated to common sense, as in the past few days i realized that it is the biggest disease causing mental instability to our planet..."lack of common sense" i love you all...but before you ask me a question please think before you type... much love! Sleep tight! Bless you all! :)"

    The post caused a lot of uproar from fans who felt offended after all their support for him.

    The following day, Keagan responded to the matter as follows:-

    "So my post yesterday was not intended to offend anybody, it was purely just to state what was on my mind...hence it being a status, to the people that have selective reading... well theres not much i can do about that hay as unfortunately emotions cannot be felt via text... one thing i would like to say is im far from ungrateful as some make me out to be, the money has not changed me as i barely think about it, and i definitely am not arrogant, i like a stress free life and tend to avoid situations that will cause negative energy ... so this is the last of me explaining myself seeing that i apparently owe you all something... take note that i am not apologizing for my last status hahahahaha...some of you take life tooo seriously, theirs more important things to focus on... so i'll leave you with one great comfort is, that the temporary celebrity i have wrung from the world has been in the very teeth of all opinions and prejudices.i have flattered no ruling powers, i have never concealed a single thought that tempted me...good day people! (waiting for haters to comment... so i can laugh) :)"

    There you have it BBA community. What do you have to say about this?

  3. Mteeew Goldie was my winner,biggie just gave it to keagan bcos dey want SA to win. I don't really like dis guy from day one. So am not disapointed.

  4. Talia won this show hands down.Africa is a hippocrite

  5. Mxm stop crying over spilled milk Keagan is ryt did u all knw him bfr noo soo wts wrng wth him nt wnting to be in da limelite n why wld Goldie win cos she ws a Nigerian ? Prezzo shld hve won if nt Keagan to hell with ur favouring ur own mentality cos u favour thm even if they got nothing to offer # Team SA # doing it again dis year if nt fr angelo or cleo u wnt smll dt money mxm

  6. This Niggah iz a big fool an a proud Adam . . . . Smetyms Africans dnt vote wisely , he doesnt deserve a win cus i said it while watching lst years BBA finale . . . He was so cold, dumb and looking like a sick person even after he was told he is the winner . . . Keagan Grow up boy cus ur a fake ass punk.