Thursday, August 15, 2013

Live Updates - Day 81

18:45 - The Top 7 reveal the t-shirts that they designed as part of the week's Task for the first time. What do you think about them?

18:30 - Big Brother gives the Chasemates the 30 minute warning and they get up and get kited for the Presentation.

17:30 - Elikem reads out the order of tonight's Task Presentation from the food, the t-shirts and the dance.

16:28 - "I miss being kissed man. I want to be kissed by my love," Dillish declares as the Chasemates relax in the lounge.

16:20 - Angelo wins the Power of No.

16:15 - Melvin says he is not bothered about being with Beverly at these final stages of the game.

16:00 - Beverly is joined by Big Brother in wishing her mother a happy birthday in advance. She says her birthday is tomorrow.

15:45 - Angelo says he did't like the fights over alcohol in the House but this week has been among his best because of the unity.

15:15 - Dillish says her most unpleasant moments in the House were the fights and conflicts among Housemates.

15:00 - Dillish says she really enjoyed he first Party Zone experience and actually making it into the game with her friend, Maria.

14:45 - Bimp says he didn't think he would make it this far in the game. He says he is happy for Elikem as he is already guaranteed a spot in the Finale.

14:35 - Cleo says her unpleasant moment in the House is having all the cameras around.

14:20 - Cleo says the only way to know how being in the game is to be in the game.

14:15 - Asked who rubs him the wrong way, Elikem goes to town about his beef with Bimp.

14:05 - Diary sessions start with HoH Elikem while Bengelo get up close in the bedroom.

13:50 - Beverly tells Angelo that she does't get upset when she doesn't get her way.

12:50 - The Chasemates retreat over a soccer game in the garden.

12:00 - The Chasemates are n he garden rehearsing their routine; rap, dance and steps all the way. "For starters that was not bad but we can still perfect it," Melvin says.

11:00 - The Chasemates still mix up Biggie's Rules. They argue about wearing headgear in the House. "You can't wear caps in Diary Room but you can wear it backwards in the House," Elikem says.

10:15 - HoH Elikem reads out today's Task brief which urges the Chasemates to polish their dance and Airtel song wearing their Airtel kits. "No nap, no crap," Elikem warns.

10:00 - Angelo scrubs the lounge floors while some of the Chasemates catch up on much-needed sleep.

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