Friday, August 16, 2013

Live Updates - Day 82

19:00 - Dillish is preparing dinner in the kitchen. she starts marinating the meat.

18:50 - The Chasemates play indoor soccer in he lounge. each Housemate must aim for the makeshift goal posts.

18:00 - The Zimbabwe partners, Elikem and Cleo catch up and chat about their friends in the outside world.

17:20 - Melvin is upset about something Dillish said to him about his personal life. He storms out of the bedroom.

17:00 - Melvin is giving Cleo a foot massage in the bedroom.

16:50 - Pebbles and the school render a song for the Chasemates:

16:40 - Pebbles the fish asks Elikem to call everyone for a surprise. What could she have in store for them?

16:00 - "Let's all dress up like Rock stars tomorrow," Cleo suggests to the Chasemates.

15:00 - The Chasemates get to the House and start playing ball in the garden. They seem to be in the Arena mood.

14:45 - The red team wins the Airtel Arena Showdown easily.

14:30 - Let the games begin. It's the white team against the red team. The red team comprises of Elikem, Melvin and Cleo. In the white team we have Angelo, Beverly and Bimp.

14:15 - The Chasemates arrive at the Airtel Arena.

13:45 - For today's Airtel Arena Showdown, the Chasemates will take part in a bungee run. Dillish chose to sit this one out but as Biggie promised, she will join the winning team.

12:45 - The guys compete in a soccer game in the garden just for fun.

12:00 - Bimp wins next week's Head of House after munching the hotdogs.

11:05 - HoH Elikem reads out this week's HoH Task. It's a hotdog eating competition. Will Dillish or Cleo make it finally?

10:35 - Beverly refuses to wear the Go-Pro camera today. "Can you see how small I am, everyday wearing this Go-Pro since Monday". Her man, Angelo jokes with her that maybe she should get Go-Pro earrings.

10:30 - Angelo excludes Elikem from the HoH Task "because I just want someone else to have a chance of being HoH nothing personal."

10:00 - HoH Elikem calls everyone to the lounge for the Power of No.


  1. Bimp its time you stamp your authority. No Melvin noise could mess with you.

  2. Bimp is the winner of the chase season 8