Thursday, August 22, 2013

Live Updates - Day 88

18:00 - Cleo asks to bet on which artise will be performing on Sunday. It doesn't seem like anyone wants to take the challenge.

17:20 - The Top 5 have an open Diary session with Big Brother and they get to share what they love about each other, what they will miss about the House and what brought tears to their eyes throughout The Chase.

17:00 - Big Brother calls all the Housemates to the Diary Room. What have they done?

16:50 - The Top 5 talk about how they will treat being in the outside world. "We'll keep looking for each other," Cleo says.

16:35 - Beverly says she can't wait for Sunday. "I can't wait to see my mother, I'm the last born," she says.

16:30 - Melvin says the Endurance Task was a clear indication that nothing comes easy. "You have to work hard to get what you want," he says.

16:18 - Cleo says she will speak from the heart in her Presentation to Africa tonight.

16:10 - Elikem laments about not winning the USD 1000 jewellery in yesterday's Endurance Task. "I wanted to get it for Pokello because I thought it would be nice to but the Task was more difficult than I thought."

16:00 - Diary sessions start with Dillish who says she's very excited to have won the Endurance Task yesterday.

15:40 - Dillish says she's addicted to watching TV back home while Cleo says she loves listening to music.

15:30 - The Top 5 talk about the end of The Chase. "Next week we will be at home, no Task Presentations" Dillish says.

13:10 - "Feza is beautiful but she's very nonchalant," Beverly tells Cleo and Dillish.

12:30 - The Chasemates go down memory lane as they think about the Evicted Housemates.

11:10 - Melvin reads out today's Task. The Top 5 must rehearse or the RwandAir promo, which will be part of their last Presentation tonight.

10:30 - Melvin and Dillish are still sleeping while Elikem, Cleo and Beverly are up and about.

10:00 - Cleo wakes up to cleaning duty this morning. Dillish and Beverly fail to make the morning exercise perhaps due to yesterday's Endurance Task, which was won by Dillish.


  1. am prayn for you cleo ..u gat it !but eat eva the case ,uv made us all proud!!...#teamcleo

  2. Beverlyyyy so sureeeee

  3. Elikem....leading!!!!!!!!!!! Africa stand up....its ur nigga winning

    1. Its gona shock dem HATERS all hatng on hm.... #TEAMPOLIKEM

  4. Who is the chase?.............................Elikeeeeem you have my vote all day everyday

  5. Brother Elikim suddenly remembers Pokello's name dis week cos he needs her country's vote. Last week n b4 u were busy flirting wit Dillish up n down. Hmmmm

  6. Desperate house mate speakx rubbish, yes elikem u r de chase stop seeking for unnecessary notice, beverly watch ur big mouth and stop hating on oda hse mates especially ex-hse mates, dillish calm down dont hurt ur self with thinking so much abt de money, melvin stop pretending lyk u dont want to win and cloe whole ur self lyk a mother advoid over feeding and drunkiness for God sake pple.. love u all n may de best man WIN

  7. Elikem is the winner

    1. Melvin doesn't pretend @all cos he alwayz say***Dont Force it cos wat will be will be! God crown him cos he believ in u! Melvin d best ever!

  8. Elikem will continue popping pimples till Sunday. Am voting Cleo