Friday, August 23, 2013

Live Updates - Day 89

18:57 - Melvin helps Cleo in the kitchen as she finishes off the potato chips for supper.

17:36 - Some of the Housemates have decided to sleep after their Airtel Arena Showdown, clearly they are tired.

16:48 - Housemates take turns in the shower as Beverly is relaxed on the couch eating chocolate.

16:00 - Big Brother offers the Chasemates drinks in the Arena after their Final Airtel Arena games.

15:30 - The Chasemates are having the time of their lives on the water slide and Beverly can't help being envious. "I wish I was there," she says.

15:10 - Dillish can't help drinking the water from the hose pipe and Melvin pulls her down the slide as she tries catching her breath.

15:00 - The Top 5 arrives in the Arena and it's game time. Beverly chose to sit this one out due to an injured ankle and she's playing umpire.

14:40 - The Chasemates wear their wet-suits in preparation for their final Arena Games.

14:00 - Melvin reads out the final Airtel Arena Showdown challenge. Looks like the Top 5 will be getting wet today.

13:00 - Beverly, Dillish and Elikem discuss how they will handle the money should they win the ultimate USD 300 000.

12:30 - Elikem and Dillish clean the lounge and kitchen while the other Chasemates catch up on their slumber. "Today I will win HoH Task," Dillish jokes.

10:30 - Melvin makes breakfast for one and sits down to enjoy it in the lounge.

10:00 - Cleo and Beverly could hardly bring themselves to join the morning exercises but the Ice Queen dragged herself eventually.


  1. Melvin ª♏ votn 4 Ʊ all d hour long....Ʊ ll bring d price money home...1 L♥√ع broda!

    1. MELVIN!
      is destined 2win ds Chase com Sunday dat is Y he wasn't EVEN nominated
      by d HMs normaly & especialy d last time; remeba he is even d last
      HOH presently. He hs ALL d qualities:
      (1) Obidient (2) Intelligent (3) Faithful (4) Calm (5) Humble (6) Simple
      (7) Honest (8) Judgment - gud leader wt no bias (9) Smart &
      handsome (10) Smiling face/kind hearted.
      So shll he have 10 COUNTRIES' VOTE as folos: Nigeria, SouthAfrica
      (Angelo said it on his eviction night dat Melvin shll b d Winner),
      Ethopia (Bimp said d same), Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe (No inalw
      issue ds time), Bostwana, Serraleon &d rest of Africa.
      If u r frm Nigeria, kindly text VOTE MELVIN frm any netwok 2ds Nos.
      34350. If u r frm anoda country text VOTE MELVIN to 414. Thanks &
      GOD bless.

  2. Biggie, put a price tag so dat Dillish wil participate oooooo..... Vry lazy gal. Thumbs up Cleo, Elikem nd Melvin!!!

  3. Melvin for the money.from Cameroon

  4. Beverly the chase