Saturday, August 24, 2013

Live Updates - Day 90

14:30 - Dillish and Beverly spend their afternoon dancing up a storm in their pyjamas.

14:10 - Dillish says she's the first Namibian to reach the Big Brother Top 5. The cutie pie has clearly forgotten about Lady May.

13:10 - The Housemates can't wait for the Finale. Beverly says she misses her family.

12:27 - Elikem and Beverly talk about the dangers of having unprotected sex.

11:30 - Beverly walks into the Rendezvous Room alone and gets a massage like the others. "I so needed this," she says.

10:50 - Dillish and Cleo get their turn in the make shift massage parlour.

10:05 - Melvin and Elikem settle in for a massage in the Rendezvous Room.

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