Sunday, August 25, 2013

Live Updates - Day 91

16:45 - Four out of five Housemates are taking a much-needed nap before tonight's show.

15:13 - Dillish and Beverly scream for Africa and say they can't wait to see all the fans tonight.

14:45 - It's Cleo's turn to do some ironing and she opts to iron her Zambian flag.

14:10 - Melvin comes to help Beverly in the kitchen while Elikem and Dillish eat from the same place next to them.

13:30 - Elikem irons his black t-shirt in the room upstairs while Beverly grates some tomaotoes in the kitchen.

12:55 - Melvin is ironing his clothes upstairs while Elikem packing some things in the kitchen.

12:14 - Dillish starts singing "I'm coming home" as she packs her clothes into her suitcase.

11:52 - Dillish thanks Biggie for taking care of all the Housemates in the past three months.

10:52 - The stylist plats Beverly's hair while Dillish is put under the hair dryer.

10:23 - Elikem sings his own rendition of Craig David's Time to Party as the barbers work on Dillish and Cleo's hair.

10:00 - Melvin and Cleo get their haircut while Dillish and Elikem tease one another. Beverly is getting her hair relaxed.


  1. Nigerians who have been voting 4 Dillish's beauty I hope u will still vote her beauty today n watch her walk away wit d money to Stephen her true love. D girl use all ur brains hahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  2. Gooooooo Elikem........Good luck boy

  3. No marabout needs to tell u the money is naija bound . Africa thanks

  4. Melvin 4 d money,may God continue 2 bless nigeria.

  5. Cleo for the money, big time Zambia I got it moving.

  6. Cleo is walking away with the money.