Friday, August 23, 2013

Much-Needed Relaxation After The Arena

After the final Airtel Arena Showdown, the Housemates found themselves extremely tired considering the up and down missions they had to do earlier this afternoon. Of course Beverly was as fresh as a daisy having done nothing at the Arena.

After the Housemates were escorted back into the Ruby House by the ninjas, they all were all too grateful to be back in the comfort of Biggie’s House. When they had removed their clothes that were soaked in foam, they went into the room and got ready to take a much-deserved shower. The first to hit the shower was Melvin and Dillish was inches behind him.

Beverly started talking to Elikem who was in his towel ready for his splish-splash session, it’s a good thing that Biggie had made hot water available. Although, Dillish was heard screaming in the shower, could it have been cold water of Melvin being his playful self? We’re not entirely sure.

After they had had their time in the showers, Cleo lay down on her bed and gentle man Melvin gave her a back rub to release some tension that she might have worked up at the Arena. Thank goodness for Melvin’s soothing hands. Clearly the Arena took quite a lot out of our Chasemates this time around, Biggie sure knows how to tighten screws when it comes to the Chasers.

Who did the most work at the Arena?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Always caring...wish am ur gf sha.

  2. MELVIN!
    is destined 2win ds Chase com Sunday dat is Y he wasn't EVEN nominated
    by d HMs normaly & especialy d last time; remeba he is even d last
    HOH presently. He hs ALL d qualities:
    (1) Obidient (2) Intelligent (3) Faithful (4) Calm (5) Humble (6) Simple
    (7) Honest (8) Judgment - gud leader wt no bias (9) Smart &
    handsome (10) Smiling face/kind hearted.
    So shll he have 10 COUNTRIES' VOTE as folos: Nigeria, SouthAfrica
    (Angelo said it on his eviction night dat Melvin shll b d Winner),
    Ethopia (Bimp said d same), Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe (No inalw
    issue ds time), Bostwana, Serraleon &d rest of Africa.
    If u r frm Nigeria, kindly text VOTE MELVIN frm any netwok 2ds Nos.
    34350. If u r frm anoda country text VOTE MELVIN to 414. Thanks &
    GOD bless.

  3. We r doing that already. Melvin is a wonderful person

  4. Melvin Melvin Melvin! Jos a pek on my chic n all my probs are solved. Had a dream abt u n my dreams happens.TZ is behind u as Richard has been campaign 4u. Ur best hsemate ever n best rep but I loved Kelvin.U won all ur wagers,alwayz in front in anytin,laugh @ tinz even wen one is hurting u,alwayz ready 2 forgive n so on.Melvin Keep wining in biggies voice!

  5. Yes I can see Melvin d pure in heart wining

  6. May God who is the greatest Judge help Melvin to win. Congratulations Melvin you are the winner already.

  7. Oh my God melvinnnnNnnnnnn

  8. Melvin d 2nd Mandela of Africa.