Friday, August 02, 2013

Name The Fish

Biggie's sneaky little fish made a surreptitious return to the Ruby House, this time it was Cleo that it paid a visit.

The Zambian Housemate was in the bathroom getting ready for her morning bath when all of a sudden she was greeted by a mysterious voice. But the young rapper proved that unlike Selly she does not scare easily.

The Ruby girl was actually quite amused by her new friend and she had a pleasant conversation with the little fishy. Cleo chatted to her new buddy about Selly and how the Ghanaian ex-Housemate had the fright of her life when the fish had paid her a visit.

After that the fish made a request to the Zambian lass. "Cleo can you please name us because we don’t have a name. Or maybe you can get all of the other Housemates to help you," said the fish.

Cleo promptly did as she was told, she gathered her fellow Chasemates from the bedroom and they headed back into the bathroom together. But of course as we all know Biggie's fish only talks to Housemates when they are alone in the bathroom. So Cleo and the Chasemates were met with silence. "They are trying to make me look crazy," Cleo said in a fit of laughter.

The silent treatment did not stop the Housemates from amusing themselves with a game of name the fish. Pebbles, Googly eye and Toby were the names that the Chasemates gave the fish.

When Cleo returned to the bathroom alone; the talking fish also returned and thanked the Zambian and twosome enjoyed more friendly conversation where Cleo even promised that when she leaves the House, she would ask Biggie if she could adopt the fish.

By Lihle Jacobs