Saturday, August 10, 2013

Night Time Shenanigans

Once the cloak of darkness falls over the sky, wild things start to happen in the Big Brother House.

After the Housemates decided to have themselves a House party earlier on in the night, they then decided to take the fun outside into the Jacuzzi. In the late hours of the night, the rowdy Ruby boys pounced on an Dillish like a pack of hyenas on a cub they carried the pretty Namibian from the House into the bath tub outside and promptly dunked her into the hot tub in her skin tight grey dress that left little to the imagination especially after it got wet.

The Namibian did seems to mind after all she is always up for a nice time and so is her buddy Cleo who also got the dunking treatment from the Ruby boys. She also just laughed it off and then took off her top and the two ladies and their fellow Housemates hopped into the tub together for a sexy Jacuzzi party.

The ladies of the The Chase had the boys’ hearts racing as they took turns doing a raunchy booty shake for them. First it was Beverly in her skimpy swimsuit who shook that toned rump of hers for the fellas, then it was Dillish and Cleo who twerked their curvaceous bottoms. For the rest of the night and early morning all of the Housemates have been having a blast in the tub except for Feza who opted to keep to herself.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Feza is boring, I thnk its time for her to go home(Oneal) is waitn 4 her.

  2. Feza is a g-o-n-e-r...! Her game is over...shame she allowed that "dictator" to spoil her game, it can never be the same FEZA. That guy will spoil your chances in the real world of opportunities...break up with him for good.- AIJAY