Friday, August 16, 2013

Nine Days To Go As Tension Mounts In The House

With only nine days to go before the new winner of the life-changing US$300,000 in Big Brother The Chase reality show is announced, tensions and guesses are the order of the day among the remaining housemates.

Especially for those who are on the obvious list of nominees,tensions are even higher looking at how many housemates Big Brother might decide to evict this week.

Unlike last week and before when Big Brother only evicted one housemate out of the three nominees, this week is likely to be different, as he has to do away with at least two or so that he remains with the long-established five finalists that will include Zambia’s Cleo.

On Tuesday night, talks were all about what the finals would be like and who might make it to the finishing line of the Chase.

Dillish had a very interesting conversation with the Ghanaian head of house Elikem who asked the Namibian cutie to guess who she thinks he might have saved during his prerogative of save and replace.

Without missing her words, Dillish just went straight into suggesting that Elikem saved her and replaced her with Nigeria’s Melvin.

As per Big Brother rule, Elikem is not supposed to discuss anything to do with what he did in the diary room during his save and switch session unless Big Brother instructs him to do so. This then meant that he could neither confirm nor deny Dillish’s guess.

All the Ghanaian had to say was: “you are very close”. But looking at how easy Dillish’s face has been eversince the game of nominations began, she was just guessing for fan knowing well that there is no way Elikem could leave his neck on the chopping block at this final and crucial moment.

Now my colleague from south Africa, Bukelwa Nkungwana monitored the conversation between the Zambian Ice queen Cleo and the Ghanaian tailor

Elikem. Bukelwa tells me that in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Elikem and Cleo had a heart-to-heart conversation as they spoke about what they’ll be doing when they leave the dramatic Big Brother House.

It came to a point where the Ghanaian tailor told the Zambian beautiful budding hip-hop star to move on with her life and forget about Zimbabwe’s male model Hakeem who’s been out of the House for more than a month now.

Elikem first lined out that Hakeem had been close to Kenyan beauty Huddah who was one of the first ones to leave the Chase and that when she left kissed Hakeem and told him she would miss him the most.

Elikem also stressed that Hakeem could not be trusted because he refused to befriend his fellow country mate and his lover Pokello.

With all this evidence packing against Hakeem, one wonders if the Ice Queen will take his advice into consideration.

This is still a game, however, and Elikem could be toying with Cleo’s feelings just to get her distracted now that they are so close to winning the money…or he could be looking out for his dear friend and housemate. It is indeed a tricky scenario for Cleo. What will she do?

Are Elikem’s intentions so pure or what does he really want from the Zambian beautiful Ice Queen?

As if to brace Cleo for this, Elikem told Cleo that holding a candle for Zimbabwe’s Hakeem will not necessarily be the right move for her and she should consider moving on.

It’s almost the end of every housemate’s Chase and soon, they will be back in the real world. Some housemates, such as Beverly and her man Angelo are weary of the fact that their relationship won’t make it through the hardships of the outside world.

Angelo, Bimp and Dellish are up for possible eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite housemate in the game.

The game is finally here! The battle lines have been drawn, who will reach the final line in the Big Brother the Chase?

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By Sam Phiri / Times of Zambia


  1. Ellikem is busy telling berv n cleo to focus on themselves!he must mind his own business n focus on pokello just play the game fo urself!

  2. Elikem always feels d need to open his mouth and say something even when its not necessary. His case is dat of a pot calling kettle black. Maybe he thinks dat we have forgotten about his move towards Feza, Fatima and then, finally, Pokello. He is no better than Hakeem and its not even for him to advise others concerning matters of d heart as one man's hero is another man's villain.

  3. This is the real Elikem, evil towards other people's intentions. This guy doesn't bath and thinks everyone likes him

  4. All he said abt Hakeem was its left for Cloe to make uo her mind and also discuss with Hakeem. Its all good no one is perfect.

  5. elikem is so real and he is so entertaining, the only reason why i still watch this show