Monday, August 05, 2013

Nominations: Feza Skating On Thin Ice

With barely enough time to wrap her head around her man Oneal’s Eviction last night, Feza has had her head put under the Eviction guillotine.

The Tanzanian once again had the most votes from her fellow Housemates during their Nominations Diary session this morning. It was thanks to lady luck that the young entertainer managed to bag herself another week in the House; she was only one country vote ahead of Oneal and had it not been for Nando's Disqualification, she too may have been sent home packing. But just how far that luck will go remains to be seen. Will she follow her man to homeville or will Africa save her once again?

Feza led the pack with four Nominations but following closely behind her were Bimp and Cleo with three Nominations each. Yesterday the Ethiopian fellow proved to be a strong contender in The Chase when he received the highest amount of country votes. Seeing how tight Bimp is to HoH Beverly it seems likely that the Nigerian will shield him from the Eviction chop.

As for Cleo she has been fortunate enough to make it through by just the skin of her teeth every time that she has been up for possible Eviction. But will her lucky finally run out this week? Only time will tell.

Here is how the Ruby Housemates Nominated today:
Bimp: Elikem and Dillish
Elikem: Bimp and Feza
Cleo: Feza and Beverly
Feza: Elikem and Cleo
Melvin: Beverly and Feza
Dillish: Feza and Bimp
Angelo: Cleo and Bimp
Beverly: Cleo and Dillish

Nomination Results:
Feza - 4
Bimp & Cleo - 3
Elikem, Dillish & Beverly - 2
Angelo & Melvin - 0

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Africa who is leaving this week

  2. Feza the witch

  3. Biggie shld put all 6 up for eviction since d nomination counts follow bev gets to save herself n put either her lover or countryman up?i wanna see how daft or smart she is.

  4. Beverly ll save Bimp n put Dellish on the choping block n i tell u Feza and Dillish are going home.....Africa i trust u oooohhh

    1. Sorry to dissapoint u, if dilish is put up by Beverly tonight? She aint going no where. Feza n cleo r leaving d bba house come sunday.

  5. I think Feza not sure with whom but, I suspect Bev will save Bimp and replace him with Elikem.

  6. Bev will save bimp and replace him with dilish

  7. In ur face @those of u who wantd angelo & melvin 2 be up 4 eviction to giv bev a hard time. Beverly wil save bimp and put dilish. Feza is definitely home bound.

  8. Feza and cleo might leave this week.

  9. It's so obvious Feza is leaving coming sunday

  10. I c FeZa N Cleo Leaving dats if 2pple r going bt if one then Feza is following her boo frog eyes oneal. I think 2nyt bev will put Dillish in place of Bimp

  11. Oh I like dis,angelo and melvin has 0 point so let's see who bev will save

  12. Last week u guys said feza is leaving,,,where is she now?

  13. . <=)) Hahahahaha!
    . )(>
    _/ \_.

  14. I knw bev wld save bimp.and replace wt who?I knw its btw eli and dillish.which eva way Feza wld go dis week.feza and Bimp are both venoms of O'neals "SNAKEY" ways

  15. Dilish or Elikem will be swapped by Beverly

  16. shame such hatred for Feza. I hope she survives so that u can choke on yr hatred. Sierra Leone voted for Feza, so they might do it again.

  17. I Think bev will save bimp Α̲̅πϑ replace wt Elikem, dats if she will use her brain wesely

  18. South Africa massive respect for understanding the game.Angelo we got your back from Botswana.Namibia and Zambia I think that was not the best move to play the game like the housemates since you are able to read the game from outside. We will see who is going to save you.Beverly will replace Bimp with Dilish becuse she thinks she is too coocky.Two housemates are leaving on sunday from the three nominatted.

  19. Yes, for sure she might save Bimp and put up Elikem or Dillish, by the look of what she was doing to him (Bimp) in the Jacuzzi and today in morning she will not want him to leave