Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Big, Happy Family!

It's always great when the Housemates get along! This evening, the House looked like something out of a cheesy 80s sitcom.

There was absolutely no gossiping, no cat fights and lots of hand holding, helping each other and singing as the Housemates put the finishing touches on the Task and cracked jokes. Everyone pitched in as supper cooked on the stove.

When hunger called, the Housemates all happily gathered at the kitchen counter, dished up and prepared to tuck into the scrumptious spread. Before they could do so however, the Chasemates asked Angelo to pray. The South African Housemate did as requested and after the prayer, everyone sat at the table and had a chilled dinner.

Naturally, the Housemates couldn't stay away from Nominations, as well as Save and Replace talk. The gang even went as far back as the LK4 and Koketso days when the Chase began. Anyways, they do say to know where you're going, you need to know where you're from, right?

Do you think anything in particular could upset the apple cart in the next few days? Are there any Housemates that could buckle under the extreme pressure that they are under now that the Finale is a so close?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. dillish all the way!

  2. Odili Gift you are seriously annoying is dat how you want to be remembered? As an old full?

  3. Angelo all da way

  4. Nigerians Bev n Melvin have juju!!!!

    1. Na your mama give them the juju! Fool

  5. if they had juju, that means their juju work for them nahhh! e no easy to get juju o.....

  6. merlvin and bev