Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Oneza's Get Freaky!

Love is in full bloom for the Oneza's this afternoon.

After spending time outside in the garden with their fellow Housemates, Oneal and Feza headed upstairs for some fun, quality time. The two lovebirds rolled around in bed like big kids in a play room.

At some point, Oneal showed off just how athletic he is by picking Feza up and throwing her back on the bed.

As soon as she did that, he climbed on top of her while she giggled like a little school girl. "We're practicing for Babylon," Feza said, referring to when the two finally leave the House and consummate their love.

When Oneal put his full weight on Feza she asked him "Is this how you're going to come at me when we're doing it? Like a sack of potatoes?" A lot of the Housemates have expressed their concerns at the Oneza's keeping to themselves and not mingling with their fellow Housemates.

However, from the looks of things, these two are not worried about what everyone else has to say. Instead, they have found time to fight, make up and play in their alone time.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Wow***i liiiiike it*is niiiice!!

  2. Enjoy your last day Oneza

  3. Babylon here we come, Oneaza

  4. Lov em so much ncaaw

  5. Sack of pitatoes him is he r*p*her wT

  6. Ma bby are now separated not good @ all Oneza we're the reason y ah watch BBA such mature couple bt Feza be strong