Thursday, August 01, 2013

Oneza Will Be A Couple After BBA

Today during Feza's Diary Session, Big Brother wanted to know whether her and her man Oneal will take their relationship outside the Big Brother, and secondly he also wanted to know what Oneal thinks about it.

In attempt to answer Big Brother's questions, the sexy Tanzanian lass told Big Brother that it's very true her and Oneal are going to take their relationship outside the Big Brother house. "I don’t know how we will manage to make it work properly in the first months however if all goes well at first, then we will definitely continue happily with everything." She added.

And about how her man feels about it, she said he very knows about it although he takes it very slowly. "Oneal is a little bit quite about it because he decides to handle everything slowly". she explained. Feza also expressed how scared she is that they might be separated on Sunday.

"After Sunday I don't know how we will handle it when one of us has to leave the Big Brother house and one has to remain" Feza expressed her fear to Big Brother. Talking about Feza and Oneal's relationship, these two lovebirds have had a relationship since Feza's first swap from the Diamond house to the Ruby house.

Though of recent their fellow housemates began complaining about the duo's behavior saying that they no longer interact with them like they used to in the beginning. This has even led to Big Brother question every housemate about it especially during Diary Sessions.

But in general Feza and Oneal have been trying their best and so far they both say that their relationship is moving on smoothly.

By Tequan92


  1. I smell trouble in future.u guys are in internaional TV and its like this,u will argue and gossip very well. Feza watch ur back ohh Oneal will kill u before ur time.hmmmmm

    1. Oneza always fighting, analysing and paranoid. bengelo always laughing, playing And talking positive!

  2. so what who cares abt there wicked lyf!!!they wont last lng

  3. I can imagine a date btwn the two,they wil b gossiping and scheming abt pple,imagine a conversation btwn the two

  4. one person or two people leaving this Sunday?? Please let it be two

  5. U haters wil alwayz b bitter, leav the couple alone n wish thm luck instead of saying negative thins for once! May God bless thm throughout..ONE LOVE

  6. Thats jst a dream there is no future for the two