Thursday, August 01, 2013

Opening Up About The Game

The Chasemates sat in the garden this evening and discussed the game, as well as the Housemates that have been Evicted.

It's been a long time coming for our Top 9. After spending 10 weeks locked up in the Bi Brother House, they are still standing and are well on their way to the Finale as well as the USD 300 000 prize that waits at the finish line. According to Cleo, the Chasemates who entered the game with strategies have fallen by the wayside. "This game is very strange. I think all the people who came to this House with game plans couldn't survive," the Zambian said.

Beverly piped up, revealing how she isn't one of those who came with a game plan, which is why she has made it this far. The conversation then veered in another direction. The weekly Head of House 'Save and Replace'. According to Elikem, he put Angelo on the chopping block because the South African is a strong character. "I thought he was more likely to survive Eviction. I was not about to put someone that would be Evicted," the Ghanaian said.

When Elikem mentioned how he hopes Angelo will let it go because they were friends at some point, Beverly jumped to her man's defense and told Elikem and the gang "I don't think Angelo is holding it against you. I swear," the Nigerian said. Bimp on the other hand told his fellow Chasemates how paranoia is the norm in the House. "This House makes us paranoid, whether we're friends or not. I'm paranoid about you Elikem," Bimp said.

The Ethiopian is convinced Elikem put him up for possible Eviction this week, which he did.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. His instincts are right hope he leaves

  2. Just as he Nominated Elikem but he won't leave rather Oneza

  3. Bimp even if you were replaced why r u making it an issue? u r forgetting u did that to others twice ha?

  4. 9ja be very careful bcos dillish is using melvin head to get vote frm nigeria which is too bad of her. We west africa and naija is seeing dillish plan and her game but it won't work For her