Monday, August 19, 2013

Party With Big Brother The Chase's Hakeem, Pokello

Although Zimbabwean representatives in Big Brother Africa: The Chase were booted out of the house early, local arts promoters have seen it fit to celebrate with Pokello Nare and Hakeem Mandaza when the reality show ends.

This year’s BBA ends on August 25 and a show has been set for Rainbow Towers Gardens on August 31 to celebrate the end of the reality show. Hakeem and Pokello plus a host of local musicians will feature at the show.

One of the show organisers said they had decided to stage the get-together party after the end of the reality show, when the winner of the US$300 000 BBA prize money would have been announced.

“Zimbabwean housemates are out, but Zimbabwean viewers still follow the reality show,” said the organiser.

“We have our favourite housemates among those that are still in the house, and the final winner will obviously spur excitement, as well as disappointment among local fans. In that excitement and disappointment, we will come together with our own housemates and celebrate the reality show.”

The party will also be an opportunity for fans that did not get a chance to meet Pokello and Hakeem when they returned home, to come up-close with the former housemates.

Musicians Jah Prayzah, Winky D and Trevor Dongo are slated to perform at the party while wheel spinners Judgement Yard, DJ Ashstyles, Gary B and Templeman among others will take turns on the turntables.

The party is expected to kick off in the afternoon and run until the following morning. Pokello and Hakeem will be given a chance to express their feelings about the eventual winner of the show, and share their experiences in the house, as well as give hints on their future plans.

Hakeem was rather cool in the house and on return home he was proud of his participation in the reality show.

He said he accomplished his mission in the house because what he wanted from the beginning was to use the BBA show as a platform to market his career as an artiste. Hakeem is a model, singer and actor.

“I entered BBA just to boost myself as an artiste. Music has always been my first love and I am now looking forward to recording some songs, putting my music out there and use the exposure I gained from the show to market myself as an artiste,” Hakeem told Standardlife&style just after his eviction.

Pokello caused a stir in the house with her sexually suggestive dances and her affair with Ghana’s Elikem.

Her sextape with ex-boyfriend and urban grooves musician Desmond “Stunner” Chideme went viral when she was in the house, and was met with mixed feelings among BBA viewers.

On exit from the house, she publicly announced she was no longer interested in Stunner and was looking forward to a steamy affair with Elikem when he comes out of the house.

Last week she registered her excitement on social networking site Twitter when Elikem was appointed head of house and automatically made it into the BBA final.

She tweeted: “My heart never lied to me. HOH [Head Of House] all the way to the final! I believed in you then and I believe in you now. Ghana stand and be counted! Elikem runs the city!”

By The Standard, Zimbabwe


  1. Zim is trying to hard on dis bba stuff.Mayb d tink elikm or cleo will win so dat der will be rship 4both der rep n support.Money changes human! Even if one of d wins wich I dout d wil eventual 4get d other! Wat happend to Talia n Keagan? Rubbish

  2. I
    am from Namibia but I bet u, I wil vote MELVIN ds time bcos it's thru
    Melvin, Delish got ha popularity unlike in d early stage where she had
    problems with HAKEEM AND BOLT still fresh in our minds - lazy. MELVIN IS

    1. Namibia should ring ur neck for that statement-i can see u r scared to use ur name,now u use anonymous,bcos r will be assaulted by Namibians- sies man u should be ashamed of urself Dillish made a mark by being the person that she is,she deserves to be their-so stop this kak about Melvin that is such a wonderful guy-im a S A and i hope she wins the money- take that to the bank u fool and go live in naija

    2. It's better Dillish 2 win that's mani she deserves it, it's true 2 organiz her mum start living luk a lady stop drinking stress 4 poor life

  3. I think pokello & hakeem shud just relax & watch elikem winning da money & flowing away with cleo without lookin back coz they've grown so close & might just end up together instead of da Zimbabeans housemates.

  4. This year Elikem is winning. AFRICA LET SHOW SM LOVE FOR ELIKEM. VOTE ELIKEM to your country code. Thanks

  5. Pokello And Hakeem are having high hopes that Elikem and Cleo are going to win. Definitely they won't because Melvin is the owner of the money. NAija for the dollars. Haters copy that.

    1. M not a Naija but i dnt wnt dis Elikem guy to take the money cz hes too much himself, Melvin n Bev are cool n i dnt mind if thy win

    2. Money or no money they will still celebrate their welcome home party.they did not plan for that to happen.

  6. To all viewers y a u turning a blind eye on this. There a some pple who jst become BBA's favourates even romantic moments wil go to Hakeem. Y this year thers offer of 10 000 for Romance in the house mxm

  7. MELVIN cum with da mulla

  8. Hope we are voting hacloeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the most romantic gesture.Vote#Ebbathechase or A,C.Hacloe kept us glue to our TV screen.