Thursday, August 08, 2013

Pebbles Talks To The Housemates

The little fishie Pebbles is back. This time she was talking to Princess Dillish and Elikem. Ideally she wanted to talk to all the Housemates but they were not available at first.

At first, Princess Dillish didn’t respond to Pebbles’ greeting and then eventually she went closer to the fish tank and the conversation began. Dillish asked Pebbles what it was like to be in water all the time and whether Pebbles would allow her to be part of their world as a princess. Little Pebbles told her that she didn’t have to be in the water with them because she lived on land and besides, she’s already a princess. Ncawww Pebbles is so cute.

When the rest of the gang came to join the conversation, Pebbles asked the Housemates to come up with a song for the fish like they came up with a Ruby song. There were no objections to this request and the Housemates were more interested in what Pebbles had to say. Dillish asked Pebbles whether she knew what the Housemates’ names were and called all of them by name, ending with Dillish’s name.

Bimp asked Pebbles whether she liked being in the water with the rest of the fish and she told them that she enjoys being with her friend Googley. Dillish asked Pebbles to tell the Housemates that she is a princess and a mermaid, Pebbles did as she was told. Melvin asked what Pebbles sex was, she was shy but told them that she is a girl.

After having what was almost a tear-jerking chat, Pebbles ended it by wishing the Chasers good luck for their Task Presentation later on tonight. We love you Pebbles.

Do you think Pebbles is on a mission like the Emeralds were?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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