Thursday, August 08, 2013

Presentation: A Heartfelt Message To Africa

Tonight’s Presentation was by far the most heartfelt and thought provoking of all of them put together purely because the Housemates reached out to Africa to stand together in the fight on AIDS and poverty.

First to present his speech was Nigerian model Melvin whose words came straight from the heart and his genuineness was undoubtedly capturing. He started off by introducing himself and from there he shared the common problems that Africans have in common, problems that make them Africans and problems that African hold close to their hearts; poverty being a problem that he knew all too well.

Following Melvin was Zambian rapper Cleo who started off on a strong note by sharing that poverty is nothing new to her and that this week’s Task was an eye opener as it taught them a lot about using your status to give back to the less fortunate. She listed a lot of problems that she learned could be corrected if only the African governments could come together and lend a helping hand; problems such as unemployment, sanitation, malnutrition and children dying due to all these problems. She ended her presentation by saying ‘Let’s live, laugh and give.

Angelo stepped up to his challenge with ease and a bit of humour, maybe to lighten the mood? He explained what ONE meant to him, that it meant Africans should come together as one in aiding poverty and AIDS. “I was challenged to fast and make a sacrifice of giving up meat for a day and it was difficult for me. Then I realised there are children out there who wake up to nothing,” he said emotionally. He stressed that people need to educate themselves about the good work the AU is doing and what they are about so that they can be part of it all.

Elikem opened his speech with a proverb that states: “There is more blessing in giving than in receiving.” He went on to say that sharing is caring and caring is loving. “Instead of giving people your money and thinking that you have done your bit, you can educate them on how to make money,” he said diligently. He added that living with his fellow Housemates has taught him wonderful things but nothing as great as the lesson the AU and the ONE Campaign has taught him in a week. He ended his speech by saying ‘Start giving, start sharing and start caring.

Dillish had her turn and it was almost as beautiful as she is, she also connected eradicating poverty to African business lending a helping hand. She also admitted that she learned a lot on the ONE Campaign Charity Week and that her and her fellow Housemates were reminded about the people, especially children, who are living in extreme poverty. She ended off by thanking AU and the ONE Campaign for an unforgettable and much motivating Task.

Bimp also introduced himself, almost in tears, and he was very grateful for the platform that many African only dream of and shared that he now acknowledges the huge role energy plays in our continent on a daily basis. “But one man cannot move a mountain, instead that man can move a stone and eventually the mountain will be gone,” he said trying to explain the power of standing together for a common goal.

FFeza read a passage from the Bible as her introduction: “We should be the doers of the word and not just the hearers.” She urged Africans to get involved, whether they are young or old. “We need to educate one another about the problems that surround us, young or old we need to get involved,” she emphasized.

Last but not least was Nigerian model Beverly who motivated the young people of the continent to come forward and ask for help when they come across things like HIV/AIDS and the pressures that come with it. “I believe in God and He helps everybody therefore we should help one another,” she added almost in tears.

Housemates showed their emotional side when it came to this week’s Task and it had the desired effect on them. Clearly they learned a whole lot more than they had bargained for and this a good thing, as Biggie would say.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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