Thursday, August 08, 2013

Presentation: Victory So Sweet

The Housemates didn’t even have to try as hard as they usually do on Tasks but their genuine speeches saw them very victorious tonight. Their Wager, being the ultimate goal, was achieved and as per usual their reward was the almighty bottle.

After what was a heartfelt Presentation where all the Housemates shared how the poverty in Africa affected them and how HIV/AIDS has infected so many people they know, it was true that the ONE Campaign had opened not just their hearts but their minds too.

Now because every good deed never goes unpunished, Biggie told them that they did a good job in tonight’s Presentation and therefore they deserved to win their Wager and then some. As soon as he announced their victory, Housemates knew that their reward would be behind the confines of the store room and that’s where they headed to in full speed.

When drinks were flowing and the food being prepared, the usual song and dance followed. They danced in front of the mirror and had freestyle beat-boxing as a form of them celebrating their victory. This week’s theme was more than just a series of Tasks for the Housemates but a realization that their status as African celebrities could help spread the word on poverty and AIDS globally and this is what most of them, if not all, have taken upon themselves when they leave Biggie’s House at the end of The Chase. Kudos to Biggie, the ONE Campaign and AU for enlightening us a continent and showing us that we too can lend a hand.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie plz evict cleo n delish.especially dekish.

  2. Delish is just der eating food. I wonder who alwayz votes 4her.Beauty my foot

  3. Now that i see the true colours of some Ppo there
    I rather safe Fezza she is smart and is there for the game
    Malawi is voting for you dear....and Cleo you are soooooo dam out