Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ready For Take Off

Busy little bees is what the Housemates have been this evening. Not only have they been facing off in an Endurance Task but they also have been hard at work on their RwandAir Task.

Earlier today the Housemates were given a Task that saw them having to tap into their creative side by painting the side of a RwandAir airplane and also to create a route map for the airplane.

While Beverly and Dillish have been in the battle of their lives in the Endurance Task that will see the winner walking away with USD 1000 worth of jewellery; Melvin and Cleo have been putting the finishing touches on the airplane and the route map in preparations for the final Task Presentation taking place tomorrow night.

As she carried out the Task, the young Zambian even got a little motivation from her buddy Elikem, he chanted: "Go Cleo, go Cleo, go". What are friends for if not for motivation, right?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Melvin ur creative mydear! As 4 delish n Bev heart don't lie cos d know none of them will win the chase! So kip standing desperadooooooooooos!