Saturday, August 03, 2013

Reintroducing Themselves

When the Airtel Picnic started a couple of weeks ago, Natasha held the fort during the Airtel Picnic Show.

However, when she was Evicted, the void she left could be felt. Sulu and the other Housemates stepped up to the plate and tried to keep the show going. This afternoon, the Top 9 sat in the garden and shared yummy sandwiches, while telling their life stories.

Head of House Elikem was first to go and revealed how grateful he is to have been given the opportunity to be a part of The Chase. "I never thought I would make it when I auditioned for the show but here I am. I would like to thank Big Brother for giving me this opportunity. There is so much I want to do with this platform. We would like to do a Chase tour which will feature fashion and entertainment and which will visit many countries," Elikem said.

Dillish appeared in a crown and wand and told her fellow Housemates she's a princess in real life. "I love all of you guys. However, this House has taught me to be patient. I don't take anything that happens in this House personally, but if you want us to take it there, we will," she said. Cleo detailed her journey in music as well as in the Big Brother House and revealed how much she would like to help eradicate malaria and poverty and touch all corners of Africa. "I would also like to work with children in future. I was built for it. It’s my purpose," she said.

Oneal revealed a lot of things about him, which he admitted Feza didn't know before. "I'm a model, an events coordinator and a singer believe it or not. I will be shooting my music video as soon as I come out of the House," Oneal said. Wow! Who knew! It seems the Airtel Show has indeed revealed things about the Housemates a lot of people didn't know.

By Ngeti Dlamini


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  3. So people should just choke on their bad tongues...why do u hate Oneal???go hang yourself #team Oneal....@least people like Angelo are close to him and understand him....

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  5. Ya way 2 go Oneal u hv big dreams man may da Lord Jesus hlp u thro u r surly a successful man f God.