Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rendezvous: Beverly Treats Dillish To A Massage

It’s that time of the day where friends or lovers enjoy an hour of good times together but today things were done a little differently as Beverly chose Dillish to meet in the Rendezvous Room but little did they know that their date would be one that the whole body would enjoy.

After receiving touching video messages from home, Beverly chose her House pal Dillish as her partner to join her in the Rendezvous Room and she didn’t mind that either one of them looked the part. They went in as they were, we don’t know whether they had bathed or not.

They met their masseuse who proved to have gifted hands because not once did Beverly lift her head to complain about the massage. Dillish could easily been declared dead in her calm state, so clearly both honeys enjoyed some down time and having their bodies fulfilled to the ultimate relaxing point. For a change Dillish had been the one being massaged as opposed to being the one massaging, like she did Elikem. Enjoy your down time ladies.

What would Pokello make of Dillish on top of her man, massaging him?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Notting, pokello will understand after all is just a game. Elikam has chossing pokello and that's final.

  2. Elikeem is also playing her. Bba is now boring

  3. That's is nothing to Pokello compared to the bathing Elikiem took with Fatima.