Friday, August 23, 2013

Scary Stories Of Being Mugged

As the Housemates sat in the kitchen eating and drinking, they started sharing stories of being mugged. While some stories were sad and scary, some were also very funny.

The conversation had started off while Cleo and Melvin had been clearing stuff off the table after they finished cooking. Elikem had been the last one to wake up after his nap earlier only to find the other four Housemates chatting away in the kitchen.

As the conversation went on, Cleo told her fellow Housemates of how she got robbed on a rainy day, except the thief hadn’t been able to grab her bag. She ran with her bag in the opposite direction, laughing at the mugger who had only managed to get away with the bag handles. The Housemates thought she was really lucky as they laughed at her funny ordeal.

The pretty Zambian Dillish also had a story to tell. She was pointing to a scar on her arm when she narrated a story of how she got it. She had just gotten paid when a thief started following her. “He just came from the back and with a big brick he came straight for me,” she said with hand gestures. She managed to run away but she fell down and the man took her hand bag. Dillish also managed to get her hand bag back thanks to an ex-boyfriend who didn’t let the matter go.

Of all the stories, Elikem’s was the most terrifying. He told the gang that in his country, the robbers carry around sharpened machetes and when you are busy on a call on your phone, they wait for you to finish talking and ask you to hand over the phone. “You give them the phone and you run,” Elikem expressed.

It’s nice to know that our Chasers have been through the same things we all have, like being robbed of your possessions. It goes to show that they are as human as the next person and are also prone to life’s events.

Whose story was the funniest for you?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Cleo's was funniest, ..d poor guy will manage d handles

  2. Cleo'z storry ofcoz

  3. Y didn't u put up d pix of other HM's. Afterall it wasn't only dillish that told her experience. A sign of biggie's winner. *crap*

  4. elikem'story reminds me of dt ugly act in d eastern region of tank God am alive bt ma bb was gone n was threatnd to gv ma bb or had ma ears chop....oooo criminals dey.

  5. There's a story doing the rounds that Biggy has annointed Dillish as the winner.I hope its just rumour,otherwise Biggy will be putting his show on the line for a woman.Better think again bro.Dilish is not worth it. When we have Elikem,melvin etc

    1. Dat can only happen if biggie give us two winners as a suprise wich he should cos he got a lot of billions if nt trillions dis year cos sponsors are many n votes are pouring.Melvin must win dis.