Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Singing For Airtel!

Aren't the Chasemates amazing singers? This evening, the House reverberated with the sweet sound of music, as the Housemates warmed up their vocal chords, in preparation for Thursday evening's Task Presentation.

Melvin showed off some undeniable skill as he harmonised to perfection. The Nigerian Chasemate couldn't even put the potato and knife he was holding, down as he engaged in vocal gymnastics. Angelo, who is a rapper and choreographer, was no doubt impressed and told the Nigerian "That's perfect!" Should we keep an ear out for a possible collaboration between the two once The Chase wraps?

Dillish on the other hand went to work singing out loud and also pointing out every word on the chart, as the Housemates sang along. She looked to be relishing her new position as choir master of sorts. The gang seem to be really serious with their preparations for the Task Presentation and why shouldn't they be, considering that they Wagered a very confident 100 percent for the Task. Will Big Brother be impressed?

The Task: Big Brother and Airtel want the Housemates to create a new song and dance routine for Airtel. The dance must incorporate football, graffiti and the ‘keep the conversation going’ tagline. Housemates will also have the opportunity to create their own graffiti style Airtel t-shirts to wear while doing the dance.

They also have to cook Italian meals for their fellow Housemates, using the best pasta, Honeywell. And lastly, they need to design the outside of an airplane and create a promotional insert for Big Brother.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I luv dis nija guy! Alwayz on point n delish is disturbing him bcos she wants nija votes! Delish nija hav tried 4u frm day one! Plz go home