Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleeping Chasemates

Despite being warned by Biggie against their favourite hobby of napping during the day, Housemates took to lala land yet again due to boredom perhaps. When Cleo couldn’t get herself to dose off, she sat up on her bed and started writing.

The Housemates had been given a Task to do earlier today, instructing them to rehearse their RwandAir promo before they present it to Biggie tonight but they had other plans in mind, plans that didn’t include rehearsals in any way.

The only other Housemate that was awake was Beverly who busied herself with her hair and eventually her wardrobe, also not really concerned about Task Presentation tonight. It’s a good thing that this is the last week of The Chase and things like the Wager are not at stake, otherwise Biggie would have had a field day depriving them of their supplies yet again because it seems that’s the only way he gets their attention.

Which of the Housemates sleeps the most?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Elikem is the leader of this pack and he want Melvin to look bad.

  2. Cleo the grand prize winner

  3. Melvin the winner