Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sulu To Help Underprivileged

Evicted Zambian Big Brother The Chase envoy Sulu says he will use his fame to help the underprivileged and the fight against Malaria.

Speaking during a press briefing after his arrival from South Africa, Sulu said he was touched by the people who are suffering, especially young people.

He said if he won the Big Brother competition, he would have used the larger percentage of his money towards the poor.

Nevertheless, Sulu said he will still use the fame he gained from Big Brother to develop himself the best way he can.

“What I saw shocked me, people live in poor conditions and suffer from various ailments but I cannot do anything. I realised that it was not about money, so I want to go and make a change,” he said.

He said if people sponsor him, he can open a Sulu Child Fund account to help young people discover and develop their talent.

Sulu was overwhelmed by the support he got from Zambia and the southern part of the continent, but pointed out that the votes were not enough to keep him in The Chase.

“Zambia was not very good in terms of voting compared to West Africa. West Africans were vicious when it came to voting,” Sulu said. “It will be unfair for me to say Africa did not vote for me, a lot of countries voted for me, South Africans loved me and they had no option but to vote for Elikem.”

He said that Big Brother experience helped him discover more about himself, especially his weaknesses in terms of controlling his personality.

“Imagine you’re before Africa, your weaknesses exposed, I think that impact of feeling guilty made me realise that I need to deal with myself, and be more diplomatic, especially towards women,” Sulu said.

He said he will also work towards improving his temperament, saying he is romantic but sometimes he becomes forceful and therefore, there is a lot he has learnt from Big Brother.

Sulu said Big Brother is not an immoral programme as asserted by some sections of society and he hopes it will make him a better person.

He said he will miss the love he experienced in the house and he will extend it towards helping the sick and poor young people.

By Choolwe Himaambo / Zambia Daily Mail


  1. God bless u Sulu ,u r still the best baba. Much luv frm SA

  2. Now this is what we call common sense n a responsible adult.Nando possesses non of dis xteristics,am still waiting for his apology to Africans n his country,am yet to see or hear one.kudos to u sulupinsio for that matured assertion about d way u perceived Africans voted,indeed it was a tough battle btw u n Elikem,but i guess he got lucky,if it had bin anyother HM apart from melvin,u wld have probably survived eviction.All d best sulu

  3. Luv u Sulu n all the best

  4. Sulupinso I will always miss you, u r the BEST!