Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sulu's Eviction Party Attracts Hordes Of Fans

Former Big Brother House Chasemate Sulu's eviction party at the Hollywood City Night Club attracted a huge crowd that could not be accommodated in the club and on Panganani Road.

The party coincided with the famous street party that takes place every Sunday at the venue and it being free made matters worse though the security personel did a good job by keeping underage boys and girls at bay.

The former Chasemate must be enjoying his newly found celebrity status as ladies could be heard screaming his name on top of their voices just has he was being ushered into the club around midnight with fake Emerald housemate JJ.

The two former housemates, could not even take to the stage as there was no space to pass through.

Sulu and JJ decided to give their newly won ardent fans a show from the VIP box as the two danced to some Ragga Dancehall beats much to the delight of the youthful audience.

Sulu later took some time to mingle with his fans who were allowed to get into the VIP area after paying admission fee.

It was a night to remember for the new celebrity in town, Sulu who only left after 05:00 hours.


  1. It was sad for our one and only sulu being envicted,it was unfair for him to leave before the ghanian.

  2. Ruby, ruby, ruby, Sulu is a ruby. Thumbs up for you my guy. You did well and enjoy your celebrity lifestyle.

  3. Sulu an intertainer hu was let dwn & h was suppose 2 take dat money bt wht can w say w vote bt bgbra decides

  4. Big Brother is being financed by Nigerians and they expect a west African to win this. Up to now the producers have failed to explain what criteria was used to evict Sulu knowing fully that Nando was to be disqualified. I remember one season where one was disqualified and eviction never took place. Shame on the producers of this reality show and I believe they owe an explanation if they have the guts to do so. Knowing them, they shall just keep quite. We need to wholesomely protest as viewers in Zambia to them.

  5. So don't participate again. Silly ingrate, who would have known about Sulu if BBA hadn't given himm the oppotunity. BBA has given him a platform, he can go ahead and expand on the celibrityy status he has now. Protest? You are funny, let see you stop anyone from your country from going for audition first, then maybe we take you serious.