Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking Criticism

Being in Biggie’s House invites a lot of criticism, especially from those who don’t know the pressures of the game. For the first time on The Chase, the Housemates spoke about the possibility of being criticized by Africa and Melvin openly admitted to not caring about people who criticize them.

“There are so many things that we do here and we’re being criticized for,” Melvin had said to the gang. He expressed that he doesn’t care about what people have to say. Beverly jumped in to the conversation saying that Melvin doesn’t care because he doesn’t know what is being said out there but Melvin refused her argument and said even if he knew what was being said about him, he wouldn’t care.

Cleo also said that even if she knew she still wouldn’t care about the criticism out there. Dillish and Beverly said that they wouldn’t mind people telling them that they saw their butts on screen after leaving The Chase. Beverly said that her response to that would be “It’s ok because we were in the House and not the street.”

The pressure of being on The Chase has clearly mad our Chasers stronger, especially because they know in no time they will be dealing with critiques who will be judging them according to their actions in Biggie’s House. So this might have been a session where they were merely bracing one another for the outside world. You go Housemates!

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. This Admin is a big lier.that wasnt the point.u can cook up stories just to hate them.not at this junction cos beverly has to win.she open her so called boot 4 the man she loves not a street boy.still proud of 9ja.keep voting. Ber

  2. MELVIN!
    is destined 2win ds Chase com Sunday dat is Y he wasn't EVEN nominated
    by d HMs normaly & especialy d last time; remeba he is even d last
    HOH presently. He hs ALL d qualities:
    (1) Obidient (2) Intelligent (3) Faithful (4) Calm (5) Humble (6) Simple
    (7) Honest (8) Judgment - gud leader wt no bias (9) Smart &
    handsome (10) Smiling face/kind hearted.
    So shll he have 10 COUNTRIES' VOTE as folos: Nigeria, SouthAfrica
    (Angelo said it on his eviction night dat Melvin shll b d Winner),
    Ethopia (Bimp said d same), Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe (No inalw
    issue ds time), Bostwana, Serraleon &d rest of Africa.
    If u r frm Nigeria, kindly text VOTE MELVIN frm any netwok 2ds Nos.
    34350. If u r frm anoda country text VOTE MELVIN to 414. Thanks &
    GOD bless.

  3. 2;15 pls shut ur trap is only a halot dat can open her legs d way bev did knowing to well dat d whole afican is watchin.what is emotions that u cannot control ur self for 3monts.she didn't represent african woman very well doin it in dat house is as gud as doin on d street. so kip quite. My vote is for melvin.cos he has self control.

  4. The first bev'relations and they do same things..keep suportin her,nobody cares....she's a winner indeed so far is not my money so let her take it.

  5. No!!! You shut d fuck up!! Why do other african coutries like carrying Naija matter on their head! Is beverly the only gal dat had sex in the house? Wat abt betty n bolt? What abt those in previous seasons? Some1 even got pregnant in the hOuse,and married in the house! Some were lesbians! What worse has beverly Done? Y is her own diff?is it cos she is a nigerian? You pple shld spare me dat fundamental bullshit n let the gal be. You all that criticize her are even worse than her. So let the gal b n face ur own Life. RUBBISH!!!!!

  6. There is no point being furious and trying to protect beverly,I'm a nigerian and I can see she is determined in life but her mother didn't try for her at all cos she has little or no morals at all.she can't possibly be behaving like that on tv even when she knew that people were watching,dillish is just a year older than her o,pls o to me any one that votes for bev.has no moral standards at all and God can even be angry with you for promoting bull shit.

  7. Ssharrap there u annonymous 8:35 did all those who had sex beg for it so bad like a dog on heat?did dey openly do it in the bath tub?please we Nigerian women have integrity stop standing up to what's wrong even if na ur pikin.wats wrong is just wrong.

  8. Haha haaaaaaaa, it feels gud, nt to have any pressure. Angelo is out, so im nt voting for no one. Cant wait for tomorrow. May the least boring win, because they a all boring.

  9. It is said that if u dnt train a child well,that child will definitely bring shame to u.That's Bev case.She lack all attribute of a disciplined child.
    Pls Vote Elikem,he's the only deserving chasemate.

  10. Am not a fan of Bev,Cleo,feza n Selly cos d all had SEX on National TV.None of them can win BBA8.Elikeem tried but he disqualified Nando n got a strik so dats a bad behavior so he can't win BBA8.The money is btw D 2nd Manedela of Africa(MELVIN ODUAH) n Delish.Biggie must giv us two winners cos he really made money dis year.Melvin the chase winner.Zim luvs u bro!

  11. Anon did Elikem disqualify nando?was he d one dat put d scissors under nando's bed?was he d one dat put a knife in nando's pocket dat made him earn a 1st strike?was he d one dat made common sense escape nando for him to behave like a schizophrenic in d house?..u better think well before u conclude.

  12. Pls note:beverly never had sex wit Angelo.Angelo said it openely on d eviction day,dat he had so many opportunities to do it,but he didnt,dat he respects his if u didnt watch or hear it dat day,i just tld u

  13. Vote Melvin always. Beverly has no morals she is loose and she will surely be tongue lashed cos what is bad is bad.

  14. How on earth una go compare angelic melvin with dat rubbish gurl berverly,me I no dey against ha relationship with old papa angelo but weytin I hate na d way wey dat gurl dey find man from day 1 wey she enta d haus abi una don 4get?abeg fellow africans n nigerians make una join hand make we support dis our gud pikin.e don tey wey dey find pple wit gud xter 2 represent us abi becos say we like person mean say we go throwaway our gud morals n values?gud conscience of africa,gud conscience of nierians make we join hand n vote dis angelic melvin with no MELVIN

  15. Vote melvin.his the real chase

  16. Simply Melvin!!!

  17. still voting elikem......uuuuuuuuussssshhhhhhh ma hands no dey hurt sef

  18. Wow ppl just write without knowing the facts. Anon, Feza did NOT have sex in the house.

  19. Beverley is hands down the winner.She play her game,outsmart,outplay and outlast her housemates by winning HoH at a crucial time in the game.She was herself.Unlike Cleo and Dillish she won HoH twice.Girl, if you are not the winner,atleast you were yourself.You got game,that is why you are in the final.Best wishes.

  20. To all Angelo and Bimp supporters,please vote for Beverley.Her friendship to them was real.Atleast she can get 2 countries votes.What about Botswana also,lets give our vote to Bev.

  21. My predictions for tomorrow:
    Melvin - Nigeria,Uganda,Tanzania, 13 country vote ,Malawi = 5
    Elikim - Ghana,Zimbabwe = 2
    Cleo - Zambia, 1
    Dillish - Namibia, Angola ,Kenya ,S Leone =4
    Beverley - South Africa, Ethiopia ,Botswana =3
    1= Melvin
    Runner up = Dillish
    third =Beverley
    fourth = Elikim
    Last = Cleo

    1. Yea datz hw †ђξ result will b 2morrow... Melvin †ђξ winner of BB THE CHASE!!!!!

  22. melvin ur ar d winner

  23. melvin ur ar d winner

  24. melvin ur ar d winner

  25. melvin ur ar d winner

  26. Elikem is the winner...............