Saturday, August 17, 2013

Taking It Easy

As we head towards the end of The Chase, it’s no wonder our Chasemates take time out every now and then from their daily schedules in Biggie’s House. This afternoon the boys of the Ruby House played a game of soccer with a tennis ball in the garden with their shoes as goal posts.

Shortly after the Housemates had been indoors singing their hearts out as usual, the boys thought it rather mundane having to be indoors when the weather was so nice outside. Angelo, Melvin, Elikem and Bimp headed to the garden and started acting like the boys they truly are. Clearly the idea of tomorrow’s Evictions has been shoved at the back of their heads as a thought that’s not only daunting but depressing as well, tonight none of that was the issue.

The game started very slowly without much excitement but as soon as the first goal was scored, their competitive nature surfaced. The ball was so tiny for their big feet but they managed to manipulate one another to score goals. This seemed to be the best time the boys have had today and were probably spending some guy time together before tonight’s Channel O Party.

Who do you think was the player of the day on their game of tennis soccer?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana