Thursday, August 01, 2013

Task: Anyone For Tea?

Getting Housemates downstairs for a Task brief is always tough for any Head of House. Today was no different but Elikem runs that House with an iron fist, you would swear he’s the lieutenant in a military base. Today’s Task will test the Housemates on their knowledge about tea and advertising but who needs to worry with Oneal in the House?

The Task: The Housemates had to create a TV advert for the TV Show in time for Presentations tonight. Housemates had to use Lipton Tea as the main brand for their advert. The Housemates had to come up with a five minute advert using the tea, cups and the backpack. In the garden they found a news desk they had to brand with the vinyl that was provided and they had to come up with a news section for the TV Show. The advert had to have the name Lipton in it because today’s main sponsor is Lipton Tea so the Housemates had to make them proud. And as usual, the Wager is in danger.

Lipton Tea is a brand of tea that is used all over the world and is famous for its health benefits. The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton. But because the Housemates don’t have this information at hand, they’ll have to use their intellect and creativity to put together an impressive advert this evening. Already their heads are steaming with ideas they might use with Oneal at the helm of the brainstorming session.

Do you think the Housemates can come up with a killer advert concept?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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