Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Task: The AU Plea

When the Housemates were done with their AIDS masterpiece and it was safely placed on the wall, they came together to do what seemed to be a pledge to African governments, pleading with them to open themselves up financially in aid of poverty in our continent.

The ONE Campaign is therefore asking African governments to meet their pledge of allocating 15% of their national budgets to health and to make sure that their health services are provided through transparent and accountable budget systems. Secondly, the Campaign is calling for action at a political and citizens levels today and not tomorrow to create an AIDS free generation in Africa.

The Housemates shouted on top of their voices saying “Together as one we say: AU it’s time for you… to open up our budgets and deliver on your promise to spend 15% on health. Lives depend on it. Lives depend on you.” They repeated this plea in an attempt to get the message across and hopefully trigger response from those who are willing to help. Being part of this Campaign has seriously opened the eyes of those who don’t know, in and out of Biggie’s House.

After all was mostly said and the cooking in the kitchen done, the Chasers settled for a very nice lunchtime meal prepared by Oneal’s woman Feza herself.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Wow! Impressive

  2. She is now d Feza I used †̥̥☺ know.Gud one housemates!