Thursday, August 15, 2013

Task: Final Preparations

With each ticking of the clock, the hour draws nearer for when the Housemates have to stand before Africa and Biggie and put on a fine display in the hopes of bagging a 100% Wager.

For tonight's Task Presentation the Housemates must wear their Airtel shorts and their graffiti t-shirts.

When the Chasemates hear the buzzer this evening; each one of them must present the dish that they prepared using the Honeywell products and describe which ingredients they used and which Honeywell products they used.

After that Housemates must then do a show and tell of their t-shirts. They each have to describe the concept of their t-shirt to Biggie one at a time. When all of them have finished with their individual presentations, the Housemates must introduce their Airtel song and dance to Big Brother and Africa.

What do you think; will the Housemates cruise their way to a sweet victory or will it be starvation for them?

By Lihle Jacobs

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