Thursday, August 22, 2013

Task: Here's To RwandAir and BBA

The Housemates have received their Task for today and they sat in the lounge trying to decide how to go about rehearsing the RwandAir promo. Beverly threw around a couple of ideas as Cleo continued making herself breakfast in the kitchen.

The Task: Housemates had to rehearse for the RwandAir promo which would be part of tonight’s Presentation. Housemates were given the day to work out a promo using the route map and the RwandAir plane as the main topic.

Biggie instructed them to use today to plan a final shout out to Africa, stating why Housemates should win this season of Big Brother The Chase. “It’s time to show Africa who you are Housemates,” Biggie’s brief had stipulated. Biggie wanted Housemates to include topics like, past Housemates, good and bad times, relationships and how the experience has changed them as people. His brief ended with “This is your time to shine Housemates, use this opportunity wisely.

As soon as the Brief was read, the Housemates sat around the lounge talking about how to go about this Task but none of them were in a hurry to get it done, except Elikem who was painting the RwandAir plane on the table. Dillish was more excited about Sunday’s Live Show because she would then get to see her loved ones and ex-Housemates.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Elikeem you are really the chase, you have my vote all day everyday

  2. am voting elikem...till ma hand hurts.....dt really entertaining...