Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Task: Honeywell Food Tasting

“If food be the music of love, then cook on.” This phrase depicts what our fellow Chasers have been up to this entire day. And now that the cooking is done, they had to taste each other’s food and give it a suitable rating.

From a distance, everything was looking decadent and the Housemates could wait to get on with the judging. First to be judged was Ghanaian tailor Elikem who had a combo of green and red peppers, bacon and boiled eggs with a bit of sugar in his pasta to give it that sweet taste. Judge Bimp was either very impressed with the dish or very hungry as he helped himself to a spoonful of the pasta.

The gorgeous Dillish had a gimmick to her presentation. To make sure that the vote goes her way, she opened her presentation with a compliment. “Did I tell you how handsome you look sir?” she asked a blushing Bimp. Of course this trick worked because it had most of them smiling from ear to ear. But unfortunately her compliments weren’t a sure way to being a winner.

Cleo was also impressed with her pasta where she had a blend of mushrooms, chicken, cheese, ham, garlic and peppers. She went as far as offering the judge a salad to go with the pasta. That was the perfect touch to her presentation as the judges felt a bit special. I wonder how Natasha would have taken to this particular Task, let alone Malawian cook Fatima. They would have enjoyed being part of this cookery.

After all was said and eaten, the votes were tallied and South African choreographer Angelo proved to be more than just a dancer but definitely a chef to be reckoned. Well done Angelo.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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