Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Task: Make Biggie A Gift

The Big Brother House looked like a toy store for over grown kids this afternoon.

Why is it so? For Biggie of course! Today the Housemates were given boxes full of all sorts of fun props that they have to use to make Big Brother a farewell gift; seeing as this is their last week in the House.

"Big Brother wants all Housemates to use the props provided, and make Big Brother a gift. This gift will have to reflect the journey that the Housemates have through during The Chase," read Biggie's Brief.

The Chasemates have until Thursday evening to complete their gifts at which point they will each have a chance to show off their gift that they designed during the Task Presentation and hand their present in to Biggie.

Of all the Housemates, which Ruby will outshine the rest in this Task?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. 16 PM
    Beverly on my mind.Bassey,Nando,Angelo,Bimp,Bolt,Neil and Lk4 are busy voting Beverly.she got Fans in other country even if 9ja hate her.ur vote alone cant move the mountain.

  2. we didn't hate her stop saying that.