Friday, August 09, 2013

Task: Murder Mystery

Murder, mayhem and mystery all of this and more can be found inside of the Big Brother House, thanks to the new Task that the Housemates have been given.

This Task is not part of the weekly Task that the Housemates get given but instead it is a fun new challenge that Biggie has served them with in an effort to spice things up a little in the House.

"You will be hosting a murder mystery dinner. Six actors will bring murder and mayhem into the House. You will be the investigators as the events of the evening unfold," read Biggie's Brief.

So come dinner time tomorrow the Chasemates will have to keep their eyes and eyes wide open as they each have to come up with crime solving theories. To aid the Rubies with solving this mystery, there will be evidence and police reports that give clues. Sounds like the Housemates are going to have some bloody fun. We can't wait!

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Am voting for Feza

  2. Nija u beta stop voting delish.she has been playing u fools including ur melvin.Delish told Cleo dat she has been playing close to melvin 4nija's votes n now she believs Elikeem has more Fans dan him.she is turning to Elikeem 4his fans votes.Delish jos playd u fools.Nija I tot ur wise!

  3. Wise man. If u had any morals you will never use such strong words as fools for a country as large as Nigeria. I can only sense ur ignorance frm ur write up. These individuals r all in d game n whatever strategy dy choose to implore is strictly their business. Quit hating.#Teamunitedafrica#

  4. Nija delish has playd ur boy! Ntoooooooooo tongue out! N she jos dump him 4 Elikeem.Nija it servess u right.U guyz beta Send delish home n stop voting her. Feza is better @least she neva betrayd melvin even when oneal don't like him.

    1. She did no such thing liar she only told cleo dat she can't start getting cozy wit Melvin dat it will put her in danger cos a lot of people in d house want Melvin out. So stop tarnishing dat girl's name in favour of ur rep

  5. Even if they vote dillish,dosnt mean on the finals they will vote her no,africa knows who they want on the final day so pls leave dellish alone let her enjoy the vote 4rm 9ja now.we don't need it now coz no 9ja is up eviction.

  6. vote dillish naija cos she is cool