Thursday, August 15, 2013

Task: Polishing Up!

Tonight is Task Presentation night. Are the Chasemates ready for their big Airtel dance and song routine?

In case they aren't, Big Brother is giving the Housemates a chance to rehearse and polish up for their big close up. This week, the Housemates decided to Wager a confident for the Task, which has so far tested their creative mettle to the max. As Biggie always says, a 100 percent Wager requires a hundred percent effort.

Will they do enough to fly to a sweet Task victory this evening? Today, the Housemates have been given the chance to polish up their Airtel dance and song. They are required to rehearse while wearing their Airtel kits.

During the Task Presentation this evening, the Housemates are required to wear their custom made graffiti shirts. As soon as the Task Brief was read out by Head of House Elikem, the Housemates donned their red and white Airtel gear and prepared for a long day of rehearsals.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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