Thursday, August 15, 2013

Task Presentation: One Love, One Blood, One Africa

To the beat of the drum the Housemates re-introduced themselves to Africa and what an introduction it was.

Tonight the Chasemates finally showed off all of the hard work that they had been putting into their Task this week. In their red and white Airtel colours they broke out in song, singing: "One love, one blood, one Africa. One connection, shine like a star".

As they sang their song, they did cool choreography and even did a group gumboot dance from the garden all the way to the upstairs and back down again.

Each of the Rubies had a chance to show off their graffiti t-shirts that they made and describe their Honeywell dishes. With names like Pasta La Vista and Te Amo the Chasemates showed that they do not lack creativity and imagination when it comes to the kitchen.

They also had interesting back stories for their t-shirts; Bimp's'Connecting Africa to the Future' t-shirt was inspired by everything that the Housemates learned during the ONE Campaign Week. The colourful creation was brandished with PAN African colours. Cleo's 'Rising Star' t-shirt represented all those young hopefuls that want to make something out of their lives; just like the Zambian 'Ice Queen'.

Meanwhile Melvin had his snaky nickname 'Venom' splashed on his chest and Dillish had the words "Love you mum" written on her's in honour of her mother, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Aww sweet!

By Lihle Jacobs

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