Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Task: A Test Of Endurance

On top of the USD 300 000 grand prize that each of the top five Housemates are in line to win; this evening each of the Chasemates have been given an opportunity to win a piece of jewellery worth USD 1000.

"In the House is a box from down memory lane and on the middle box is a picture of each remaining Housemate. On the picture is a space for a hand. On the sound of the buzzer, each Housemate will have to put their right hand on the picture of their face where the hand mark is placed. This will be an endurance Task," read Biggie's Brief.

The Rubies have now spent the early evening trying to outlast one another in this endurance Task. Except for Melvin, who sacrificed himself for the sake of the group. "I already have jewellery worth USD 3000. So I will others a chance. So guys please enjoy," said the Nigerian before he walked away.

Of the four Housemates left now, who will walk away with the USD 1000 jewellery prize?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. BeverrRrrrrlyyyyyy

  2. Bev cos she is model dat can stand for 247! So delish can compete bcos she heard of money if it is a house task now she will work away!deperadoooooo Gosh dat girl

  3. So delish has been retending dat she doesn't like stress now she sees money she competing!Dat girl can do anytin to win desperadoooo

  4. Biggie should give Beverly a consolation price for endurance! So all that effort for NOTHING aaaaah Biggie,dont be cheap!